Christians vs. Atheists...

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  • brinjen

    Atheist here. It's my personal belief and I believe it's called personal for a reason. Everyone has to make up their own mind what makes sense to them... regardless of what conclusion they end up with.

  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    I hate it when girls tell me they're a christian. Cause it means they won't put out.

  • vilot

    AGuest...I suppose everyone looks for God in their own way for me it was a search that began with the Bible itself. At first that may seem like an odd statement, what I looked at was not the story of the Bible but what exactly IS the Bible. Who wrote it, where did it come from and how has it arrived to us in its form today. It was that search that lead me to believe the Bible is not the word of God but the word of man. So if by search for God from what is suppose to be his word and I did not find his word I did not find God...

  • poppers

    Well said Flipper and AllTimeJeff.

  • cognac
    A seal popped its head up and looked at us with those big eyes. She whispered to me its grandma, everything is okay.


    Well said Flipper and AllTimeJeff.

    I agree...

  • Satanus


    A person can believe in the afterlife, and people going to heaven without believing in the standard god. It's very easy to come to believe that ones loved ones are over there, even some people can percieve them and communicate w them. It's a BIG jump from that to percieving and getting communication w the standard god.


  • AllTimeJeff
    However : Reverse that statement and you'll understand why some of us as atheist /agnostics get frustrated with Christians. You could use the same argument for atheists/agnostics. " I wish some Christians could understand why atheists/agnostics already have faith in life and themselves , and the quality of life that comes out of that ! "

    Flipper, I couldn't agree more. :)

  • MissingLink

    I don't get it??? Flipper - were you pretending to be dissed's grandma?

  • flipper

    MISSING LINK- Yeah, the jig is up. I confess I was Dissed Grandma reincarnated as a seal . Then I morphed back into a dolphin again

  • dissed


    I'm starting to believe there may be some real truth to that. With no longer having the usual faith in the Bible I've been very open to different thoughts.

    We have neighbors, Native Americans, who would say it was her spirit coming by to say everything is alright.

    Their daughter had died in Iraq and held a ceremony at their home. We attended. Right as the blessing was being said, a Bald Eagle, (rare in our area) flew over, then swooped down, right over us. The father glanced up and just stared like me and others.

    I asked him several days later what he thought. Without hesitating, he said it was Lori's spirit letting all of us know it's okay.

    The seal? You had to be there. The feeling was very powerful

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