Christians vs. Atheists...

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  • cognac

    It's nice that you can respect both viewpoints and not think you are better then the other one, huh!

    Just thinking about how JWs can spew crap and the second you view things differently your screwed... JWs can be annoying!

  • AllTimeJeff


    I used to want to argue this all the time, but arguing is so tiresome, and esp when two people are entrenched in their points of view.

    It's helpful for both sides to try and realize WHY people have their faith, lack therof, etc. I only have problem with Christians who insist they are right and all other people are judged as worthy of destruction. It is this kind of thinking that causes fringe elements to justify dangerous behavior "in the name of god" on occasion.

    I wish some atheists could understand why people of faith often need faith, and the quality of life that comes out of that. For sure, Christians don't have the market cornered on spiritual fullfillment, but there are many who try to imitate Jesus, which includes being kind and accepting others.

    If Christians tried more to act like Christ, instead of trying to run people's lives in the name of Christ, that could be very helpful....

  • cognac
    Christians who insist
    I wish some atheists could understand

    Yup, it's not just JWs...

  • vilot

    For me it was a matter of why I "believed" what was the need, where did it come from. In my case I was born to a Christian family, became a JW at age 21 and for the next 28 years...When it was my time to leave JWdome a little something inside me said, "search for God elswere" and I did but did not find him...Now having said that we live in a world of believers, everyone has their reasons or back ground, to me it is a matter of acceptance not just of believers but of that I never accepted before, you know what I mean "JW's right, everyone else wrong" attitude. I guess it's a matter of finding a balance not just of faith or lack of but of all things...

  • AGuest

    May you have peace!

    "a little something inside me said, 'search for God elswere' and I did but did not find him..."

    May I ask, where did you look? Please know I truly am not being facetious or sarcastic, at all but ask in all sincerity and the greatest respect. While you are deciding whether to respond, however, may I direct you to John 6:68 and 14:6? May I also suggest that the voice you heard "inside" was not a something but a someone and that John 10:27 and 14:23 might help explain (if the voice itself has not already done so, which is quite possible as you only need ask...)

    Again, I bid you peace.

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • AdaMakawee

    These are not the only two choices, thankfully.


  • dissed

    My daughter wanted to get baptized 3 years ago at the age of 15.

    We talked about religion and God, she asked about several churches, and finally settled on the Lutherans, her Grandmother's church.

    It was her decision, but she told me she is an Atheist. But really when you listen to her, she's not.

    She feels her grand parents are in heaven and maybe even guiding her in some way. She pointed to two examples that I couldn't deny.

    So what am I trying to say? I don't know. But when it comes to God and life, people don't always keep the same beliefs forever. They seem to be always growing.

  • cognac
    She pointed to two examples that I couldn't deny.

    What were the examples?

  • dissed


    Not earth shattering, but one was a ring her grandma gave her and the story behind it.

    The second was at her funeral service at sea.

    She asked her grandma, when she was dying, for a sign that she was alright, that she got to heaven okay. During the service, I was holding her, just looking at the water as we were crying. A seal popped its head up and looked at us with those big eyes. She whispered to me its grandma, everything is okay.

  • flipper

    COGNAC- Great thread.

    ALL TIME JEFF - Your statement : " I wish some atheists could understand why people of faith often need faith , and the quality of life that comes out of that . " Point well taken.

    However : Reverse that statement and you'll understand why some of us as atheist /agnostics get frustrated with Christians. You could use the same argument for atheists/agnostics. " I wish some Christians could understand why atheists/agnostics already have faith in life and themselves , and the quality of life that comes out of that ! "

    It's one reason I get annoyed when meeting a person for the first time and they have to tell me, " Hello, my name is so and so, I'm a Christian. " Like they are indicating they are SPECIAL because of stating that. I mean when I introduce myself I don't tell them, " Hello, I'm Mr. Flipper, I'm a atheist /agnostic , how are you ? " I mean it seems odd doesn't it that when meeting people a person automatically puts others on edge by stating WHAT they are - as if to insinuate they are more advantaged somehow ? Therein lies part of my frustration with " Christians " .

    I accept everybody - as long as they don't act or appear as if they are superior to others

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