Does marriage work

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  • dissed

    Another opportuniy for me to bash the GB.

    I know of two couples that were engaged, tried to break it off and were pressured by the Elders not to.

    And why?

    Because at that time the 'spirit guided' GB said being engaged was just like being married, and if they were to break it off they would be punished. As the Elders warned and pressured them to do the right thing, GET MARRIED!

    Both ended up miserable, their lives ruined, and eventially divorced.

    Another mistake by the GB of imperfect men? Hardly. Just more proof they were not being guided by the spirit. God's Holy Spirit don't make mistakes.

    And did they apologize for the lives they ruined for the temporary wrong doctrine? No. It was the Elders overeacting and mis-reading what they really meant.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Yup marriage definately works!!! Hubby and i been together 14years and married 10years. We met in the world and got married when became JW. The wedding was booked and then i started my study and it was cancelled after my 1st ever study.....unsure if things should have been done the way I was told BUT!! Jah did bless us both and we are happily married :)

  • AdaMakawee

    I was told the same thing about being engaged. Funny how they would tell you that unless you were sleeping together, then it was a DF offense. Two standards, either its the same or it isn't. Which is it?


  • Steve_C

    If both partners are willing to work at it, and are both willing to compromise when necessary, then I say yes, monogamy works and is wonderfully satisfying.

    [I said monogamy, instead of marriage, to recognize the fact that a legally recognized marriage is not available for the majority of gay folks in the world.]

  • wantstoleave

    JW wise, they marry too young. WAY too young. I would estimate that most marry because they want sex and would rather get married then have premarital sex and be counselled for it. That would bring much shame and embarrassment. Soooo, they find someone, spend 1 day a week together, dont touch and steal kisses when they can. On average they are engaged after 3mths and married within the year. Thats my area anyway. Because I didnt have a boyfriend in my teens, I was looked at as 'weird'. I was far more interested in pursuing my education than to be tied down to a man with the 'hope' of marrying and producing babies and being at home all day. Not that theres anything wrong with that, but unfortunately, thats what most JW females look forward to.

    As for marriage, I have faith in it, just that mine didnt work due to a lousy good for nothing man. But thats for another time and discussion :)

  • PSacramento

    I think that when people understand what marriage means and what it involves that yes, it tends to work.

    Marrigage is an act of unselfishness, you have decided to put someone above you and they have decided to do the same for you.

    This unselfish act of devotion ( the biblical two flesh becomes one) is not somehting that is easy for all and its not soemthing that is constant in the life time of the relationship, sometimes one partner may be more giving and other times the roles will be reversed, the key is love and acceptence and tolerance.

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