Were You Always Feeling Guilty As A Witness?

by minimus 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • parakeet

    No, I was mostly just bored, a result of being dragged into the cult as a teenager.

  • minimus

    Such interesting comments!!!

  • Quirky1

    Always felt guilty..

  • darkl1ght3r

    Yep, as a witness, I always felt weighed down, down trodden. Like I wasn't good enough. I'm fine now. :)


    The WBT$ and JW`s tried..

    It was pointless..

    I was a smart Kid..


  • caliber

    they're all reading and paying attention ( I believe that is Outlaw on the left ) ... he he he he... LOL

    The WBT$ and JW`s tried..
    It was pointless..Outlaw



  • ~Jen~

    Always. I constantly felt that I could never be good enough so what's the point?

  • greenie

    I 'm no Dub, but I see it firsthand. It makes me ill to see a religion that motivates by guilt. Actually, it seems like the two common feelings are guilt or self-righteousness.

  • tinker

    Nope, never. I figured out a long time ago that guilt is a useless emotion. It paralyzes and undermines growth. And I guess I always believed that 'Jehovah knows everything' anyway, no such thing as a secret sin, he knows the heart. I always knew my intent was never bad. Sure I did lots of 'bad' things but in my heart I'm a good person but I make mistakes sometimes. When I know better I'll do better.

    So guilt was not a factor in my leaving the WTBS. It was the fact that they try to use guilt to mistreat and beat down the flock. At this point in my journey I am not sure if I even believe in a god but IF I did believe he would be a god who knew my intent and would not use a useless emotion to chain me to the BORG.

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