Oct. 15th WT - WT Society Manipulation " Find True Friends Only in JW land"

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  • JustHuman14

    Oh yeah, no I'm gonna start laughing, after I puke....

    This guys are NUTS...TOTALY...True friends ...in WT WORLD...that is a fuc*ing joke. The only true friends I have after being disfellowshiped few years ago, are the so called wordly friends...They never cared if I was a JW, or not...they like me of what I'm, and makes no different to them if I'm an atheist, Muslim, JW, or Christian.

    I have seen the EVIL CULT face of the WT. I have seen my long time friends turning away their heads when the see me walking at the street. I have seen my relatives passing next to me and pretend I do not exist. Sure WT's friends are good and loving ONLY IF YOU OBEY THE WT AND BLINDLY FOLLOW THEIR SELF APPOINTED PROPHET called FDS....

    Their love cease to exist the minute you walk out their organization. They will forget you at the instant moment the "elders" will announce that your are no longer a JW and wipe your existence from their life. Most of all they will accuse you as EVIL just because you no longer accept WT as "God's channel" and all the gossip that follows everyone who leaves WT...In my case I couldn't catch up the rumors: I was going to become a priest, monk, I was gay, I had many girlfriends, even received phone calls from JW threaten me due to my decision leaving WT, I was mental disordered person, just to name a few. The most funny is that NONE of the JW's ever called me to ask me IF ANYTHING of those are true!!!


  • mcsemike

    Hi Mr. Flipper: You made several good points. If you think about it, the WT is one big whore. JW's "pay" each other for mutual love by prostituting decent moral standards, not showing kindness to strangers if they refuse to listen to the message, not forgiving family members who "doubt", and many other things Jesus said should be done. JW's actually act in an opposite manner from what Jesus taught. Who wants a friend who will leave you or turn you in to the elders for showing doubts about what a very old and stupid group of men have declared is God's will?

    Who the hell told the GB they owned the earth? Or owned the universe? Who told the WT they had the right to decide who lives or dies in the future? The WT wouldn't know the truth if it hit them in the face. I've never seen a more hypocritical and mentally ill group of people in my life.

    True friends? I'd rather be alone.

  • flipper

    GL TIREBITER- Welcome to the board friend ! Very good and appropriate observations by you. You hit the nail on the head. I'm sorry you heard witnesses talking negatively about " worldly " people. That used to irritate the hell out of me also even WHEN I was a witness to see people put down non-witnesses. I agree - not giving medical treatment to children is awful ( i.e. blood transfusions ) and yet the witnesses say how bad abortion is. Very true- their hypocritical attitude is very apparent. The JW's don't see it at all. Your witness in-laws did do you a favor by showing you the hypocritical behavior. I'm glad to have you here on the board and I'm glad you didn't get sucked in by the witnesses.

    JUST HUMAN- I hear and agree with everything you say. It totally is true. I have been maligned and scorned by former JW friends much like you. And I'm not even DFED ! LOL! JW people think I'm Satan's evil lesser twin or something. Man Just Human- you had some crazy experiences ! But the JW's kick us out even IF we aren't dfed , believe me. But I have made new friends like you said you did too. It helps.

    MSCEMIKE- Very true Mike. The WT society is so like a whore in that people do " pay " each other for showing kindness. Only if alleged " spiritual " things are shared- will they be kind to one another. But if a member is thought to be " weak" or spiritually " inept " - many in the congregation "mark " this person and shun him or her anyway. It's ridiculous. Nobody told the GB they own the planet. They have no power over anybody- though the old geezers on the GB THINK they have a right to. I too feel they are the most mentally ill people on the planet. And that's being kind. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Praying4Justice

    I'm sure with all the holidays around the corner again, the WT really has to push these topics hard. . .especially with the young people.

  • flipper

    PRAYING FOR JUSTICE- Good point . The GB is probably concerned that so many witnesses have been associating with non-witness relatives ,and I've heard of some JW's associating with DFed relatives. So I think the WT society is concerned that they are losing control somewhat of it's younger members who are not listening to the control tactics of the GB. It's like many younger witnesses are giving the proverbial finger to the GB. I like it ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Praying4Justice

    Hi flipper!

    I wish my daughter was one of those giving them the finger! :) I hold on to the hope that one day she'll see them for what they really are. I'm sure she sees things that I have warned her about, but she won't tell me. Even though she doesn't celebrate the holidays with us, she does still come over during the holiday season and I know she feels the warmth and love. When the house is all decorated (for whatever holiday), I know it brings back good memories. Hopefully, she won't suppress those feelings for too too long.

    Hope all is well with you.



  • flipper

    PRAYING 4 JUSTICE- Nice to hear from you ! We are doing pretty well thanks ! Like you, I still hope my 2 JW daughters, especially my older daughter exits the cult also. At least your JW daughter visits you over the holidays - that's a good thing. My wife and I are working on my older daughter still. We shall see what happens. It takes time. Just gotta hang in there. Take care, hope all is well with you too

  • flipper

    More " witness only " WT information being discussed in December at the witness WT studies. Feel free to comment

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