Oct. 15th WT - WT Society Manipulation " Find True Friends Only in JW land"

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  • flipper

    Thanks for all the responses ! Was working all night, have time to respond now.

    WHA HAPPENED- Very true what you say. I noticed quite a few JW's who were hung up on porn as well . Got strange , kinky vibes from some when I was still in. Also- Like you , I had fellow witnesses turn me in to the elders without ever coming to talk to me first about the alleged " offense " I had committed. Like I said - With friends like that, who needs enemies ?

    JAMIEBOWERS - I second your comment.

    MRS PEACHES- Very true . The witnesses friendships ARE very shallow and conditional - they really are closing their minds and missing out on prospective great friendships outside the cult. They are such a CLOSED society. Really sad .

    BALSAM- It is amazing isn't it when we have been away from the witnesses for some time and we notice it even MORE SO how demeaning the WT organization is to people outside the witness cult. I've been out 6 years and they get meaner every year it seems. It is so hard to believe I was ever in the witnesses.

    MATTIEU- I agree with you. I thought it was pretty laughable also when the article spoke of the " unshakeable friendships " these witnesses claim to have. Conditional for sure, but NOT unshakeable. I also saw lots of people alienate each other and refuse to speak for months, even years on end. And elders and their wives moving to different congregations to go get in hassles with other people. Truly a lack of love and caring.

    WTWIZARD- The WT organization really has been hateful towards its members kicking them out for stupid offenses , forcing families to shun one another , and forcing young people to get baptized at too young of a age . Also - In regards to people counseling you on listening to Led Zeppelin - I wish I had been in your congregation - I LOVE Led Zeppelin, one of my favorite, if not THE favorite group of mine ! Me and you would have given the elders and others what for ! I definitely would have had your back ! I would have hi-jacked the brother playing kingdom songs and taken the CD player hostage and force everybody to sing the lyrics to " Stairway to Heaven ".

    MOSTLY DEAD- I felt that was interesting also that they used the expression " people in general " to indicate most " worldly " people are selfish and not good friends . But of course they didn't include themselves ( JW's ) in that " people in general " category. They are very smug about themselves.

    OUTLAW- Exactly. The outside world DOES look like crap to the witnesses. But what the witnesses don't get is the witnesses look like crap to the world ! LOL!

    KURTBETHEL- Very true. This article is a TOTAL projection by the WT society onto the world because the witnesses act exactly like they are spouting off about in the article.

    WOBBLE- It really is sad that in 58 years of cult indoctrination it affected your view of non-witness people for awhile. It shows how harmful and destructive the JW cult is. I'm glad you feel comfortable now with non-witnesses as we can really have some great relationships. I agree with you - this cult is evil.

    BOYZONE- There is no trust inside the organization, I agree. People are always ratting each other out, can't share ANYTHING confidential with friends as they will go to the elders at the first hint of alleged " spiritual weakness " they see in their friends. Also , it's very true what you say about depression in the organization. People are perceived to be " spiritually weak " when in actuality they are seriously depressed. Then the unqualified elders try to be amateur shrinks and psychoanalyze the publishers by telling them to read their magazines more and do more in field service. Like that will help. Not. Makes it worse. This article is mentally unhealthy mind control at it's worst.

    CANTLEAVE- I'm sorry that friend of yours tried helping you by making you feel guilty that you weren't doing ENOUGH to get over your depression. It's a tactic of the witnesses AND mind control cults to make the members feel uneeded " guilt " when problems arise. There could NEVER be possibly anything wrong with the organization - so it has to be you the individual who has the problem. You have to adapt to the org, not the org adapt to you. Sad, but true. In answer to your question of whether your friend will stand by you if you fade. I wouldn't bet my life on it. Not even the ranch or your house. Just giving you the honest truth here. But, hey ! We are here for you bro ! Just remember that our caring is unconditional. And I mean that.

    LEPERMESSIAH- Exactly. Nowhere is lack of caring MORE apparent than the congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses. So you areright- people need to pull themselves from that abusive environment right now !

    CAMEO- D- It is true that JW's don't even realize I believe what "natural affection " is. They think it's JW induced affection. The problem is the love and committment JW's have goes more to the cult than it ever does to their individual family members. It's one reason, among many, they are so screwed up. Good questions you asked there. Hopefully some lurking witnesses will ask themselves those very questions.

    LOUBELLE- I'm with you sis . I cherish my non-witness friends as they never hold me in judgment just support me. The only JW's I deal with are family that I have who are still in it. If not for them- I'd NEVER deal with witnesses.

    DUTCHSTEF- I agree. I second your opinion

  • bobld

    Holy,Holy,Holy shit.Reminds me of Apartheid in South Africa,Segregation of Blacks and Whites in U.S.A. Did they forget Acts 10:34 "God in not partial" Is this in their only Jehovah's Witnesses Mag?


  • carla

    "" worldly friends " will leave them because the person studying will not " run with them to the " same low sink of debauchery". ( Thus insinuating the friends of the person studying are immoral, wicked and not worth hanging out with"

    Worldly friends do not 'leave'. The wt keeps the new convert so damn busy they have no time for anything much less keeping up a friendship. When they do meet up again with old friends their sense of humor has been wiped away, they have become sanctimonious judgemental zealots who look their noses down upon everybody else, of course they won't have many friends anymore! Preaching at people is not a relationship.

  • minimus

    It's us against them mentality.

  • flipper

    BOBLD- Yes- This info was in their " witness only " magazine they will study in December at their WT study meeting. It IS as bad as Apartheid and segregation, isn't it ? Such a prejudiced attitude the WT society promotes in their members towards ANY non-witness is abhorrent.

    CARLA- Very true what you say. It's not that " worldly friends " leave the witnesses , but witnesses are kept busy pushing the WT cults message that they are told THAT is the important thing to occupy their time. No time for former friends at all. The WT society makes sure of that and even more - they create NEW " friends " for incoming converts to hang with. So any old " worldly " friends don't have a chance at fitting into the new witnesses life. Very sad.

    MINIMUS- I agree. It very definitely is a " us against them " mentality

  • Steve_C
    Worldly friends do not 'leave'. The wt keeps the new convert so damn busy they have no time for anything much less keeping up a friendship. When they do meet up again with old friends their sense of humor has been wiped away, they have become sanctimonious judgemental zealots who look their noses down upon everybody else, of course they won't have many friends anymore! Preaching at people is not a relationship.

    Thank you Carla; you hit the nail on the head!

  • flipper

    STEVE C- Very true. I agree, good post by Carla. Keep em coming folks ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Hiding Questioner
    Hiding Questioner

    "Throughout history , servants of Jehovah have proved their willingness to face death rather than betray one another. Without a doubt, the most satisfying friendships we can enjoy are with those who love Jehovah. "

    I have been associated with the JWs for over 40 years and I can't tell you how much betrayal and self serving hurtful and painful actions I have seen done by JWs to others, particularly to fellow JWs. One thing that I feel provides fuel for the slanderous activities individual JWs have put on each other is the WT inspired feeling that everyone is guilty of sin (Insert here a sin) until otherwise proven innocent.

    "Then later in the article it states that when a person studies with Jehovah's Witnesses - " worldly friends " will leave them because the person studying will not " run with them to the " same low sink of debauchery"."

    Again, my 40+ years of JW experience has shown just the opposite. My "worldly" friends I can cultivate and they accept me and are loyal to me for who I am. They know I have a JW background and that does not in anyway influence their view of me. On the otherhand, JW "friends" have abondoned me over and over again at slightliest hint of slanderous lies.

    "Translation : Spy on your friends- if you see them slipping up- rat them out to the elders because that is true, caring friendship . Be nosy, not too trusting , because our brothers and sisters are imperfect and need Jehovah's forgiveness."

    In all of my JW "friendships" of 40+ years I have always had to be so guarded and concerned that I did not slip and say anything that could be construed as disloyal to "mother" WT, or condoning sin (Insert here a sin) for fear of being turned in my my "friends". In fact, I must live with the disheartening knowledge that if my JW wife knew I was here on this Board I'd get turned in and yet I still love her.

    "I've never heard regular (so called worldly) people go on and on about porn, but I've heard lots of JW go on and on about it like they are excited just talking about how perverted they feel it is. They even go into details which I've often wondered why they do that. It is the sick and narrow view of sex in general that causes it."

    Yes, JWs seem to have some pretty wierd ideas on sex to the point of either perversion or obsession. I think its because of the constant councel on sex sex sex that makes them think about sex sex sex. And they like to watch others to catch them on sex sex sex.

    "Rather than try to save their brother they rat them out and want them killed off like some sort of evil Jehu. I've had over the years several JW's go to the elders on me without talking to me first."

    JWs do use ratting out each other as a means to try to kill each other. My ex-jW wife used this tactic to garner 10s of thousands of $$ and maintain her respectability by falsly ratting me out to elders (she accused me of being unfaithful on a business trip). These elders were so quick to believe her lies and responded to her every demand for "justice" Needless to say we ended up divorcing after seven years happy and fun togetherness in this truely "UNSHAKABLE" JW friendship/marriage.

    "People coming in from the world are also required to give up their worldly friends, most of whom are more sincere than the witlesses ever will be."

    Thank goodness I didn't do this. These "worldly" friends are what have kept me sane and alive all these years!

  • flipper

    HIDING QUESTIONER- Very good points you bring out- all of them. You've seen a lot having been in the WT organization 40 years . Like me ( was in 44 years ) you see SO MUCH that in time the evidence is irrefutable that this Jehovah's Witness organization is just man made - a mind control cult. I'm glad you have non-witness friends who can be there for you. That will make a huge difference when you finally decide to break JW ties down the road. Take care, enjoyed your comments, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • GLTirebiter

    wha happened said: Jw's feel intitled to talk down about non JW's in such an arrogant manner

    Yes, they do. Sometimes they slip up and do so among outsiders. My Ex's family members kept forgetting that I was not a member, nor a "study". They would prattle on about how bad "worldly" people were, how bad churches were, how evil blood transfusions were, and how bad the government is. Hello, remember me? The unbelieving spouse in the corner?

    I heard what they said. They know what my beliefs are. Why do they slander everything I believe in, while I can't say anything at all critical of the Society? Not even about the obvious dangers to women and children knocking on strangers' doors in the seamy parts of town? Or how witholding appropriate medical care from a child is murder, just as much as aborting that child would have been?

    I think they don't realize how much hypocrisy is on display. The indoctrination from the Watchtower tracts don't let them think about how the Society's own actions mirror everything they criticize about everybody who isn't part of that organization.

    In a way, they did me a huge favor. Seeing this up close and personal without the blinders of Watchtower "Bible studies" immunized me to their teachings. Seeing the Society for what it really was ensured that I would never accept Watchtower teachings. Perhaps I should thank my Witness in-laws for that!

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