Oct. 15th WT - WT Society Manipulation " Find True Friends Only in JW land"

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  • flipper

    Well- You knew THIS was coming next after the article of HOW to be Jesus friend. So the WT society was setting it's members up to seek friends ONLY in the ranks of Jehovah's Witnesses. Basically in this article " Maintaining Friendships in a Loveless World " - even from the title you get the impression the WT is showing that the world is loveless- but the Jehovah's Witnesses ARE NOT. It's mind control at it's worst. I'll share some of the most noticeable bizarre quotes.

    It starts by inferring the world is awful with awful people . It states on page 17 , paragraph 2, " During these last days , people in general are disloyal and fail to show natural affection. The friendships they do form are often shallow and self-serving . To keep our identity as true Christians, we must rise above such attitudes. " Translation : Worldly people don't have valued friendships , non-Christians are selfish, we as Jehovah's Witnesses are not !

    Now notice how condescending the NEXT statement is and how it suggests that we CANNOT have as strong quality friendships with people unless we LOVE GOD ( WT society ) . It states, " True, those who do not love Jehovah can also form rewarding friendships . But when individuals are drawn together by mutual love for God, THEIR FRIENDSHIP WILL BE UNSHAKEABLE. " Really ? It continues, " If opposers of God try to cause divisions, these enemies discover that friendships among true Christians are unbreakable. Throughout history , servants of Jehovah have proved their willingness to face death rather than betray one another. Without a doubt, the most satisfying friendships we can enjoy are with those who love Jehovah. " So again, translation : Jehovah's Witnesses are TRUE friends , worldly people or " enemies " are NOT true friends. Puke.

    Then later in the article it states that when a person studies with Jehovah's Witnesses - " worldly friends " will leave them because the person studying will not " run with them to the " same low sink of debauchery". ( Thus insinuating the friends of the person studying are immoral, wicked and not worth hanging out with ). Then the WT turns the tables onto the Bible studies former friends, it states, " Really, it is THESE friends who are being disloyal to you, not the reverse. " So by dissing the former " worldly friends " the WT manipulates the view of the new JW convert. The WT comes out even firmer stating " We cannot expect to remain a friend of God if we side with those who choose to be friends of the world. " So the obvious translation ? The WT society and Jehovah will dissapprove you if you socialize with non-witnesses who are friends with the world.

    Then in the article it says how being a good witness friend includes counseling your friends if you see them dating a non-witness person and the loving thing to do would be , quote, " A good friend would seek the help of loving shepherds in assisting a companion who has taken a false step." Translation : Spy on your friends- if you see them slipping up- rat them out to the elders because that is true, caring friendship . Be nosy, not too trusting , because our brothers and sisters are imperfect and need Jehovah's forgiveness.

    With friends like this - who needs enemies ? No thanks. I think I'll enjoy my friends who care for me unconditionally without holding any preconceived prejudices which were brought out in this article. So- I'm interested in your takes on this article . Our JW relatives will be studying this mind control drivel in December at their meetings. Is it any wonder the Jehovah's Witnesses are in a " closed " environment ? With information given to them like this - is it any surprise that they consider themselves better than other human beings ? As always I look forward to your takes and observations. Peace out to all, Mr. Flipper

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    it's articals like this that really confuse JW's and their view of others. Everytime I hear the rhetoric of those in the world are all just liars, I ask if their parents are liars. Alot of JW's have wordly relatives. Well of course there"s the exception. My "wordly" friend said most of the really bizarre stories he's heard involving pornia come from JW's about JW's

  • jamiebowers
    My "wordly" friend said most of the really bizarre stories he's heard involving pornia come from JW's about JW's

    Man, you got that right!

  • MrsPeaches

    gosh i feel so sorry for them... They friendships and relationships they have are so shallow and they are scared that it is even worse outside of the religon. Imagine the freedom and love they could experience if they were out!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    My wife had to go through this transition. When we were dating I invited her to the many business mixers, lunchers, dinners whatever that I had to attend. Her repsonse? Everyone is so NORMAL!

  • Balsam

    So very true, I've never heard regular (so called worldly) people go on and on about porn, but I've heard lots of JW go on and on about it like they are excited just talking about how perverted they feel it is. They even go into details which I've often wondered why they do that. It is the sick and narrow view of sex in general that causes it.

    The articles are always so slanted making JW's or people studying with them feel special set on the high road and every other human is slimey losers. Its really weird because now I've been in the world for a while I never hear people talk like the JW's did so demeaning about people who are non-witnesses. Its no wonder we thought our poo didn't stick when we were in, it's nuts.


  • Mattieu
    But when individuals are drawn together by mutual love for God, THEIR FRIENDSHIP WILL BE UNSHAKEABLE. "

    Riiiiiggght, unshakeable hey? What about all the "true friendships" in the congregation broken up by ones who back bite/slander/gossip, cause trouble by being a busy body and enforcing their own personal opinions?? Or "true friendships" broken up by hmm, let see, sexual immorality??

    Who are these guys kidding? Are they that immune from the averge j-dub congo that they don't realise what problems the average congo has with personality/friendship issues?

    I could walk into my last 2 halls that I went to and point out ones who were not speaking to certain other bro & sisster, as well as elders who were fighting amongst themselves and some elders wives who would not even say hello to other elders wives!

    What about the former PO, sorry CC who up and left "Plenty" congo in Melbourne along with wife, daughter & her hubby and grandkid and moved to neighboring hall over disputes with other elders and families?? This is happening everywhere, so much so that I want to puke when I read propaganda articles such as this one.

    Mattieu (hanging in there for knock off time drink)

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    It's the respect. "Wordly" people respect the many different religions around for the most part. There are fringe groups but so are JW's. Jw's feel intitled to talk down about non JW's in such an arrogant manner

  • WTWizard

    Quality friendships? I challenge anyone that is an active witless to start asking questions about a doctrine that the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger has put out, and see how long that "friendship" lasts. For starters, try questioning 607 BC. You could also produce something from the 1980s about a "generation", and see what happens when you mention that there were, not one but two changes in a "generation" since 1995. Ask what happens if you find a major error in doctrine (as opposed to a minor wording error), such as "who is the sower". Pick one that you can prove, right out of their own Bible, is wrong. Point out the error, and find the scriptures that prove it wrong--and see how long those "friendships" are going to last.

    Loveless? Lacking natural affection? I think that sounds like one mother in Texas that was recently in the news. I think that sounds like witlesses who will happily kick their children out of the house if they are not baptized early enough or that get disfellowshipped or no longer want to attend the boasting sessions. That sounds like hounders that will hound you to wear your sweat box out in field circus when the temperature is unseasonably high, and will not allow "sisters" to wear pants in field circus when the temperature is in the area of -50 or colder (and the wind is blowing). This sounds like parents that scare their children into getting baptized at age 6 so they will not get destroyed. And, many "marriages" made in the cancer become stagnant because all they do together is go to boasting sessions and out in field circus.

    This is a blatant effort to prevent witlesses, especially children that are born in, from functioning outside the cancer. They are then hounded to do ever more, lest they lose their only support. People coming in from the world are also required to give up their worldly friends, most of whom are more sincere than the witlesses ever will be. Then, once they join, they are forced to stay with the burden of field circus all the time, going to boasting sessions regularly, and obeying all the stupid and petty rules because they have abandoned the world. If they break a rule or slacken in field circus, their "friends" will abandon them or call them "bad associations". Without any support from the world, they are forced to obey the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger.

    Counseling "friends"? What this really does is keeps everyone in line. What true friend will object if I play Led Zeppelin music? Even if they do not have a taste for Led Zeppelin, a true friend will accept that I like listening to them, at least at home or with my headphones. The witlesses will not. And, what if I find out that a worldly friend listens to church music (even without believing the message) or country music, which I do not care particularly for? Could it be that I am missing out by not listening to it myself? And, even if I do not like certain of their favorite songs, that is not going to bust up a friendship--in fact, in certain situations I would view that as one of the sacrifices any couple would have to make, not try to force them into my tastes of everything.

    And, since when do the hounders need to know about everything? I find it more important to be honest with each other, and telling the hounders (who are going to forcibly change you) is not going to favor honesty. If anything, this leads to even more trying to hide one's behavior. The hounders do not need to know about a friend's use of the Ouija board, the details of what goes on during courtship (so what if fornication results? That is no worse than test-driving a car you intend to buy.), or that sun-worship tree they have set up in the back porch.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    you are so right. Rather than try to save their brother they rat them out and want them killed off like some sort of evil Jehu. I've had over the years several JW's go to the elders on me without talking to me first. Everytime it was some sort of misunderstanding but they always felt I "got away with something"

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