Who is your Spiritual Guide?

by Butterflyleia85 41 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • AllTimeJeff

    Why would we limit spirituality to Christ or Christians? At best, 1 out of every 7 living are Christian.

    What that means is, 6 out of every 7 people living on this planet do not profess Christianity as their faith, even though most believe in god and understand the concept of spirituality.

    Whose to say that the other spiritual paths out there are not the "guide" that is being looked for?

  • VoidEater

    YOU are always choosing what to believe, from moment to moment.

    Will YOU choose to believe the WTS?

    Will YOU choose to believe your parents?

    Will YOU choose to follow the Pope?

    It really is all about YOU and what you perceive to be true. If the Holy Spirit stirs in your heart, it's a part of YOU that you are choosing to put faith in. If you read about Jesus in one book or another and follow his commands, it's a part of YOU that is choosing to believe. If you hear the Dali Lama speak and find yourself connecting with something compassionate and powerful, that something is in YOU and YOU are choosing to respond to it.

    It really is always about YOU.

    Now...what do you WANT to believe? That's the true measure of your character.

  • Heaven

    Not who, what. My heart is my spiritual guide.

    I learn from others whom I relate to and look up to as being spiritually sound. I do not limit myself to Christ as I find non-Christians very spiritual as well.

  • flipper

    I follow my born in conscience as my guide telling me to decipher an action as to whether it will be beneficial, or detrimental. Most of all - I believe in honesty , even IF it involves saying things that might be unpopular but exposes cult mind control for what it is- abuse of humans freedom and moral rights. I'm into people being free and thinking free

  • villabolo

    AllTimeJeff said: "Why would we limit spirituality to Christ or Christians? At best, 1 out of every 7 living are Christian."

    Well put AllTimeJeff.

    My spiritual guide, shortly after I was out of the Witnesses was Carl Sagan with his fusion of Cosmic Pantheism and Rationality.


  • 144001


    My "spiritual guide" is me. That's right, me. I believe Thoreau had it right: "deity comes from within."

    I have a conscience and, unlike many who label themselves Christians or other denominations, I actually try to live in accordance with my conscience.

  • Twitch

    Don't need any imaginary friends, thanks.

  • 144001
    144001, I'm not here to thump the Bible to anyone, particularly those who are not interested.

    Indeed a virtuous objective. However, prior to expressing such objective, you said:

    First off, you must realize that the Bible and Jesus Christ are the Truth. In fact, Jesus Christ is the Truth.

    It's rather clear you intended to preach to butterflyleia85 regarding your own religious views, notwithstanding your effort to deny an obvious fact. When you make controversial statements like the one quoted above, you should not be surprised that those who find such preaching efforts to be repugnant respond accordingly.

    Personally I'm sick of having "christian values" crammed down my throat like a shit sandwich without the bread. I'd like to see all religions lose their tax exempt status.

  • parakeet

    bluecanary is correct: YOU are the best spiritual guide you could ever have.

    Buddhist philosophy teaches that each must walk on the "pathless" road. And if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!

  • garyneal

    It's rather clear you intended to preach to butterflyleia85 regarding your own religious views, notwithstanding your effort to deny an obvious fact.

    Maybe I wasn't clear, I had no intentions of coming across as preachy to butterflyleia or anyone else. I can see how my words may be interpreted as 'preachy' but I was under the impression that butterfly believes in the Bible. If that is a mistaken impression, I apologize. My statements are not meant for anyone who does not believe the Bible or its teaching. At best, we can all just agree to disagree.

    My point was not to 'preach' my religious views but rather show what the Bible says about the truth compared to what the Watchtower says. This is beneficial to someone who is leaving the organization but still believes in the Bible. For those who reject the organization and the Bible, follow your own hearts. For those who believe in the Bible, understand that the Watchtower professes that its teachings are the truth but the Bible points to Jesus as the truth. The Watchtower argues that you must come to the organization for salvation but the Bible says that you must come to Jesus.

    We are all free to choose our own spiritual paths, whether it is our own hearts, the forces of random chance, other religions, pure logic and reasoning, or nothing at all. As for myself, the Bible and Christ alone are the Truth.

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