"Hey mom, I'm home!"

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  • palmtree67

    This is why I like this forum.

    THIS IS THE TRUTH PEOPLE, not the whitewash BS you hear at every assembly. I thought for years that I was the one who was crazy.

    Poor dude, poor poor dude. How disappointed and heart-broken he must be.....

    I hope he he finds a way to make it in this world.

  • shamus100

    I don't think it's at all nice to laugh at this poor guy - I think a little common courtesy and empathy would go a long way here. After all, he will probably become an ex-dub. And I figure about .05 percent of them sign up on this forum.

    Can you imagine - giving your whole life to the corporation and end up cleaning windows? Starting from scratch? Think of poor Ray Franz who had to live in a holiday trailer for YEARS.


  • palmtree67

    That's my point, Shamus! It's sad.

  • AdaMakawee

    I think your friend's venting is the first stirrings of her mind clicking over into the "on" position. Give her and her son time, they'll figure it out. Once your brain turns on you find it very difficult to shut it off again.




    People who have to Face the Reality..

    Of the Education,theWBT$ actually provides it`s followers..

    Is "Not" funny..

    The Education the WBT$ claims to provide it`s followers,"Is" a Joke!

    The WBT$ should be Exposed and Laughed at..For that..

    If we did`nt Laugh about the Pain most of us have Suffered..

    There would be a lot more Tears..


  • dissed


    I think you are misreading my sarcasm. Sometimes it doesn't always come across as intended. No lack of empathy was intended and shouldn't be read it into it in questioning my motives. That's the problem when we express ourelves on Forums.

    Now laughing at OUTLAWS Smiley's - I can't help it, he's funny. But he does have a message if you look past the humor.

    Peace and thanks for your thoughts.

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    Many of us have been there, throwing away the best part of our lives. The only good part of it is that maybe he and some in the cong will see the real spirit behind the wbts.

  • yknot

    What did he do in Bethel?

    Am I the only one who sees the potential to list Bethelites resumes as working for a non-profit multi-million dollar global corporation!

    My goodness send the boy a college catalog! (with JWN's addy as a safe place to vent anonymously)


    Yes the end is near..... the end of career Bethelites! I am wondering how long until they make Bethel service a privilege to those who are economically sponsered by congregation, circuit or district!

  • blondie

    Many states have job training/education programs for people laid off or otherwise no longer working in their chosen field. Has he investigated that? I work with people in this area, ages up into their 70's. I just helped a young man, late 20's, get a new job from trucking to computers.

  • chickpea
    Ada: Give her and her son time, they'll figure it out

    that^^^ will be the impetus for recovery...
    unleashing enough anger to overcome the stagnation

    anger without enthusiasm is the defintion of depression

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