"Hey mom, I'm home!"

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  • dissed

    A JW called my wife to talk business yesterday, and voluntarily mentioned her son was living with them again.

    Now you have to understand, we have not associated with the JW's for 13 plus years. So it took my wife by surprise that a JW, knowing our situation, would mention this. But it gets better, there is more to this story.

    She then volunteered, he's been living at home with them for over a year since.......Bethel "re-assigned" him as she said sarcastically.

    "How long was he at Bethel?" She asked, remembering we were at his going away party a long time ago.

    "Over 15 years!" And then added, "Can you believe that?! He makes a career of Bethel at our encouragement and they just send him away."

    She added strongly. "That's all he knows. He's had no job training for the outside world, nothing!"

    As my wife is telling me this, I can remember, I actually encouraged him to go to Bethel. (Yes, I freely admit, "I was a loyal Nazi" for this org. at one time. Please don't hurt me jeaniebeanz! I didn't know any better)

    So now he's in his late 30's and living back at home. (Edit: Wife says he's 34)

    Question: What does a former unskilled- Bethelite do for work?

    A. Becomes a corporate executive

    B. Works as a doctor in a local clinic

    C. Washes windows around town

    If you answered C. you are correct. He is now a window washer, struggling to make a living.

    She said, she is VERY discouraged and so his her husband. My wife asked, what about him? (Are not wives nice, always showing how much they care?) EDIT: Wife said to eliminate "very"

    "Very depressed. Doesn't talk much. And it's been over a year!" EDIT: Wife said to eliminate "very"

    I guess my wife's friend didn't buy the "re-assigned" WTS spin.

    Until two weeks ago, since coming here, I didn't know of the Bethel "Lay-offs". The times are a changing.

    Next question: Is this a sign the "End is almost here" or is Jehovah re-distributing the Bethelites so the congregations can have more microphone servants?

    And...... is this sister unloading for a purpose? Uhm.....inquiring apostate minds want to know.

  • BabaYaga

    Seriously, that makes me want to cry.

    I hope he can awaken and rise above this gross injustice. You know, what they do is really rather blasphemous... they convince people that their word is god's own gospel, and then use them up and throw them away. How dare they... how can they sleep at night?


    There`s nothing better,than being a Highly Trained Bethelite!

    Once you leave Bethel you are Quaified to do the following jobs!..


    Dusting..Everyone needs a good Duster!

    Cleaning Windows

    Window Washing!..Except Kingdom Halls..No windows there..


    Plenty of JW Window Washers to talk to!!

    Cleaning The Toilet

    Toilet cleaning!!

    You just may find a Kernel of Corn!


  • dissed

    OUTLAW - hahahhahahaahahaha!

  • Hope4Others

    It is very sad, its hard to get past it all when depression sets in. He needs to take some sort of course to find a better job.

    Perhaps he could be encouraged to do so he still is young enough. What did he do in bethel? what was he assigned?


  • AGuest

    as the lesser of two evils. I know, I know... it's a very unfortunate situation BUT... knowing what we know, we should rejoice for him (washing windows for a living at age 30... or continuing thinking the WTBTS is 'all that' and infallible...).

    Things that make you go, "Hmmmmm..."

    Peace, all!

    A slave of Christ,


  • out4good3

    Of course, if he decided to take some courses to get a better job, with him being an ex-bethelite, the elders would be on his ass about not setting a proper examply of seeking first the kingdom.

    I'd say his parents ought to be happy as I'm sure they basked in the glow of th eir little JOhnny going to Bethel amongst their JW friends when he left.

    The chickens are coming home to roost.....BIG TIME!!!!

  • dissed

    Out4good3 - good point

    I was thinking he's probably wearing a tshirt that says.

    I went to Bethel

    for 15 years

    and all I got

    was this lousy Shirt!

  • out4good3

    She said, she is VERY discouraged and so his her husband. My wife asked, what about him? (Are not wives nice, always showing how much they care?)

    "Very depressed. Doesn't talk much. And it's been over a year!"

    Very discouraged, but not angry enough to verbalize it within the congregation no doubt.

    As far as her "friends" are concerned, she can probably ba as angry as she like, as long as she bottle that sh$% up and check it at the door when she goes to the meeting.

  • BabaYaga

    Oh cool... he got a t-shirt?


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