the futility of 1-ply vs 2-ply toilet paper (debate)

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    undercover: have entirely too much time on your hands.

    Yes, that is what my fiancee says...if it were not for the fact I have showed her my last 4 years tax-returns and a recent very large check, she might be a bit more concerned about my otherwise seeming lack of employment these last few weeks.

    Or were you typing this while you were, um, otherwise indisposed...

    I don't even like to read when I am "otherwise indisposed." I either a) get in, get it done, get out...or b) if I am in need of being in there so long I need something to read, then I pretty well thinking I am not feeling so great and want to concentrate on getting out what needs getting out and then leaving the bathroom. I have never understood why anyone (including my dad when he was alive) likes to read in the bathroom. However, I did often take 20 minute naps in the stalls at the kingdom hall....good place to hide and hear people talk about each I once was in a very fancy office tower while waiting for my Lasik eye screening. I was in one stall, doing my business, and in the neighboring stall a man was sitting there ...on the damn cell phone. I hope he had Bluetooth....ugh.... I thought this very odd. Irritated at having to hear only one half of a conversation, and disrupting my quiet (and this was a very very nice luxurious high end bathroom).... I started making lots and lots of loud bathroom noises (not to put too fine a point on it)...... pretty soon, I hear Mr. IHaveToBeOnMyBlackberry24/7EvenWhenIHaveNothingToSay....... say to the other party..."uh...let me call you back..." Finally, peace and quiet whilst I take a dump. The guy quickly flushed, washed his hands (thankfully), and leave the room...already back on his freaking Blackberry. Snakes (Rich )

  • snowbird

    bumping ...

  • Lillith26

    I live on a farm and I call my out side toilet mum's office- I have a book shelf on the wall and a cute fluffy mat on the floor, my cordless telephone has great reception out there also... necessity is the mother of all invention! I have kids- it's the only room in the house (or in my case- outside the house) that I seem to get any privacy in!!!

    except for this- Bathroom Knocker

    Ninja- a bear in the woods asks the rabbit "hey, does poop stick to your fur?"

  • WTWizard

    This is a matter of personal preference. Some people feel that cheaper toilet paper will do the job just fine, and if they are not getting the extra money's worth of value out of the better stuff, it is waste. However, others do get enough value out of better toilet paper (and facial tissue) to justify the extra cost.

    And, if you can get a good price on better toilet paper, by all means do so. You are going to run through it sooner or later, so it doesn't hurt to have a billion rolls of the good stuff if you can get a good price on it. As I see it, there is no sense in getting into a big fight because of toilet paper (though the government would love to start these fights and bust up relationships, by creating enough hardship in people's lives so they cannot afford a better product).

    To me, however, it makes more sense to spend much more money on durable goods that are of premium quality, or to splurge on high price, high quality food for a special occasion.

  • minimus

    Best thread I've read in a long time!

    I want 2 ply 2!

  • nelly136

    if you'd ever had the pleasure of izal medicated toilet paper you'd never complain about 1 ply again, crap for wiping your bum but great for tracing pictures.

    kids dont tend to use less when the paper is thicker, a whole roll of the thin stuff practically dissolves as it hits the bowl and can be turned into fine flushable mush with a coat hanger, 2 ply can and will get stuck in the u-bend and is all but coat hanger proof.


    2Ply is for people who want to Spoil thier Bum!

    Moony Wave Everyone wants a Happy Bum!!Moony Wave



  • SnakesInTheTower


    crap for wiping your bum but great for tracing pictures.

    except when you have to draw around the bits left over on the paper....oh, you meant clean paper... sorry...


    2Ply is for people who want to Spoil thier Bum!

    Having been a Self-Sacrificing™ JW all of these years, until recently that is, one of the few "luxuries" I enjoyed was yeah...


    there is no sense in getting into a big fight because of toilet paper

    It has been a fun, good-natured ribbing on both our parts... but she would have to pry my 2-ply from my cold-dead fingers.

    Snakes (rich )

    but she would have to pry my 2-ply from my cold-dead fingers.

    Now theres a pleasant visual..

    I don`t think Toni will be grabbing any toilet paper from you..Yuk!.



  • ninja

    and here is wee streaky.....he used to be an albino until the morning after the vindaloo

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