Excerpts from '1984' by George Orwell--Part 1 (Warning to the impatient: DO NOT READ)

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  • BroMac

    " All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others." "Animal Farm"

    All JW's are equal but some JW's are more equal than others.

    how many times does it mention the GB in the 'Bearing Thorough Witness' book? to try and shore up the flimsy story that there was a 1st century GB.

    No! there was not a 1st Century GB

  • 00DAD

    sd-7: enjoyed the post. Thanks.

    You're absolutely right, the society has done a great job of convincing the masses that a = b, when in fact it does not

    a not equal b

  • mrsjones5

    I read "1984" back in 1984 just before the John Hurt movie version came out (I also bough the Eurythmics soundtrack, I still have it) which I also saw. Is it any wonder why I eventually left the bOrg.

    Great topic sd and thanks to whomever brought it back up.

    P.S. my parents had a copy of "Animal Farm" which I read when I was a teen. I don't think my parents ever cracked that book open. My mother once said to me she thought (and probably still thinks) that it was a children's book.

  • 00DAD

    Here's an interesting quote:

    "I do not believe that hatred of the German people is in any way necessary to produce our maximum effort. Hatred is part and parcel of the Nazi system. I do not believe we will help our cause by imitating their methods."

    From, THE ROAD TO VICTORY, an address by LIEUTENANT-COLONEL GEORGE A. DREW, K. C., M. P. P., Thursday, November 23, 1939

    It's sadly ironic that, although the WT publicly and frequently condemns totalitarianism in governmental and religious forms, it imitates their methods in the most insidious ways.

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