Our "Bible Study" with the Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • garyneal


    Thank God and The Holy Spirit. Before I went into their house, I prayed to God and asked for His help because I knew what I was up against.


    My wife has been studying with them for years. She is a second generation JW and has apparently bought into this religion. She feels torn though because she wants to celebrate Holidays but feels that she cannot do this and "please Jehovah" at the same time. She thinks she is going to die because she celebrates them with me.

    When my wife and I moved in together six years ago, I began studying with them as well. For years, I saw the hypocrisy in the churches that I had been attending but I did not fully embrace their doctrines either. I did begin to think that maybe they were on to something and when my wife announced last spring (2009) that she wanted to become a witness, this bothered me.

    What bothered me more was my realizing how confused I was and how I wasn't sure if I knew what was the truth anymore. At that time, I have heard so much Watchtower theology that I was beginning to see myself as becoming a Jehovah's Witness because I was beginning to think that they may have been right. But I decided before I take that leap, I better figure out what the Bible really says and what the Truth really is. So I prayed and began reading the Bible.

    The first think I discovered was that their teaching of the 144,000 did not appear to jive with what the Bible described in Revelations. I remember what other pastors had said about the 144,000 so I did some research on the Internet (Satan's domain according to my wife). I found this great website at http://www.gotquestions.org/ that help me with questions concerning the 144,000, Jesus being Michael the Archangel, and other Watchtower beliefs as well as what the Bible actually teaches. It lead me to http://www.4jehovah.org/ that covered more of the Watchtower theology and how they differ from the Bible. Then that site lead me to http://www.freeminds.org/ and my eyes were opened to the unchristian practices of the Watchtower and the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Any hope my wife may have had of me becoming a Jehovah's Witness was destroyed as I am now in fear of them and what they may do to my family and my daughter. After a lot of prayer and my rededicating my life to Christ Jesus, I learned that my fear should be to God alone (Isaiah 8:12-13) and that we should sanctify Christ as Lord in our hearts (1 Peter 3:14-15).

    I thank the Lord for showing me the things that He did. I've known this elder and his wife for years and they are in their 80's (been in the "truth" for 50 years). I also know my wife loves the Lord but feels that the only way to serve Him is through the Watchtower organization. She does not want to disappoint the elder and his wife nor does she want to displease her mom (a devout witness who raised her in this religion). She's blinded herself to reason and has embraced this error. She actually thinks that there is nothing wrong with those baptismal questions.

    Please pray for us as well as for all Jehovah's Witnesses who are trapped in this cult. Pray that the Holy Spirit will show them the error being taught by the Watchtower Society and that they need to come to Christ for salvation. Let us all pray and plant the seeds that God can use to lead these people out of darkness.

  • garyneal

    Oh, and let me add that the gotquestions.org website led me back to Jesus Christ, who I have given my life to back in 1991 but wasn't really following for years. I rededicated my life and have at least found a church that I attend regularly, I've been reading the Bible as well as researching information regarding the witnesses.

    I feel a burden in my heart to witness to others (particularly JW's) and I've been praying asking God to show me how I may be able to serve Him in this way.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Welcome Gary!

    That second questions is of particular importance because the wording would seem to suggest that you are being baptized to an organization.

    For JWs, of course, it's impossible to really have a personal relationship with god. Watchtower Corporation keeps them informed of whether or not they are individually in god's good graces. Just as one can only "study the Bible" directed by "christian (only JW) publications", one can only have an approved relationship with god if they have an approved relationship with Watchtower Corporation. None of this "bible study" has anything to do with developing a direct relationship with god, it is all about the "organization" and its vital role between people and god.

    Standard operating procedure for the "bible study conductor" is to ignore, postpone, or distract from such questioning. Any answer presented will be irrational or dishonest, but presented as "the truth". Their objective is to get the "study" lovebombed and starry-eyed about the "spiritual paradise" and the future prospect of pet lions, resurrected loved ones, and eternal youth.

    Standard cult tactics, just ignore the hook under the tasty morsel.


    "Trust the 'faithful slave'! 'The truth' will set you free!"

    B the X

  • yknot

    Perhaps you should bring up the baptism issue again at your next study!

    Perhaps draw them to the computer monitor in which you can direct them to the WT CD's article from July 1, 1955 entitled "Christian Baptism for the New World Society" or print it out with WTCD citations and invitation to use your computer to verify the articles location on the CD.

    In the article you will find tidbits like:

    8 Some say that Jesus’ words at Matthew 28:19, 20 are a formula to be repeated in substance at the time of immersion and that the repetition of these very words accomplishes some sacramental purpose. That is not the case. Rather, these words of instruction by Jesus to his disciples show what is now required of dedicated ones and what can be expected of them. The words are: “Go therefore and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you.”—NW.

    14 “Go . . . baptizing them in the name of . . . the holy spirit.” What is the holy spirit? It is the active force of God, through which he accomplishes his purposes. God’s Word itself was provided through his power under inspiration of his spirit and has been preserved by such, and this we must recognize. Being baptized in the name of the holy spirit, therefore, is in recognition of the function and purpose of God’s holy and righteous active force. This acts upon his people, and walking in accordance with it means walking in accordance with righteousness, because it is truly a holy spirit. (Gal. 5:16-26; Eph. 5:18, NW) It is required of us that we so do. As stated, “he who is sowing with a view to the spirit will reap everlasting life from the spirit.” (Gal. 6:8, NW) Of the dedicated one it is required that he engage in Christian warfare faithfully, loyally, without throwing down the weapons, without seeking furlough or release, joyful in the opportunity to uphold Jehovah’s side of every controversy. Of the spirit we have a great sword that we must wield, as it is stated: “Accept . . . the sword of the spirit, that is, God’s word.”—Eph. 6:17, NW.

    15 A Christian, therefore, cannot be baptized in the name of the one actually doing the immersing or in the name of any man, nor in the name of any organization, but in the name of the Father, the Son and the holy spirit. This shows, among other things, that Christianity is not a denominational affair, that sects have nothing to do with it. “Does the Christ exist divided? Paul was not impaled for you, was he? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul? I am thankful I baptized none of you except Crispus and Gaius, so that no one may say that you were baptized in my name.”—1 Cor. 1:13-15, NW.

  • BabaYaga

    Wow, Gary! Great for you! I am so very glad you did your research first! You know that you have all of us (well, at least most of us) on this forum behind you in your efforts to save your family from this destructive mind control.


  • passwordprotected

    Great points raised and praise God for your faith.

  • kurtbethel

    I wish more people would study with them instead of hiding out from them. People who do some research and know to ask the right questions. Then their game would be up.

  • yknot



    I will be passing that along to serveral pastors and deacons in my territory!

  • sacolton

    When I was a Methodist, my baptism didn't identify me as a "Methodist" or the church I was attending. It was one simple question: Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? Then I was dunked. Simple. Didn't have to study for six months, didn't have to take a pop quiz with the elders and sure didn't have to attend every single meeting.

    The JW baptismal question is for one purpose - remove the Holy Spirit and replace it with the Watchtower.

  • garyneal


    I'm kind of fuzzy regarding where you stand in your faith (devout JW or not) but I do agree that pastors, deacons, elders, and people of christian churches in general should be working harder to ensure that the church is well versed in what the Bible really says and how to detect a false teacher. Unfortunately, as most JW's will attest to, most Christians (even those who go to church regularly) do not really know the Bible. I cannot assign all the blame to the clergy, as it is truly up to us as individuals to ready and study the Bible for ourselves, but they have a greater responsibility of properly teaching and watching over their flock.

    To the others,

    I realize that if I am to reject the Watchtower doctrine as having the truth and not become one of the Jehovah's Witnesses then I need to be able to offer an alternative. The easy (and most correct) answer is Jesus since He is the root of our beliefs and the source of our salvation. However, we are also not suppose to forsake the assembly of ourselves with other believers so church attendance is important. Unfortunately, not all churches teach properly according to scripture. If my wife happens to be attending a church with me, she is quick to point out their errors from scripture and exhalt the Kingdom Halls as "the closest thing to the truth" that she has experienced. (Yet of course, she is clearly blind to errors I see in the Watchtower theology.)

    Never-the-less, it is very discouraging when I see so many churches straying too far away from scripture. Pray that God will lead me to a good church (which may be the church I am attending now or another one).

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