shepherding visits.....were they?

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  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    We have friends who say that they have had some awful shepherdings,the things theyve been told in them were far from encouraging.

    We havent ever had one so to be honest i cant comment...but would love to know if you had one? Were they regular and were they ever encouraging??

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yeah we chatted and they read abit about "Job's suffering".....had some Tea and they went was okay!

  • jeanniebeanz

    Yes I have, and no they weren't.

    Mainly, get your butt back to the meetings or you're gonna die at the hand of our god'o love.


  • palmtree67

    I remember one about 3 years ago that was really nice. I remember they focussed on not letting our own imperfections get us down emotionally. The elder was truly one of the kindest people I have ever met.

    But other than that one, the rest were not very encouraging. Some were just boring, most were just there to beat you over the head with guilt.

  • nelly136

    not sure if they were shepherding visits, but when my mum used to have one of her screaming abdabs at my dad she used to call them out late night in the middle of the row. usually when she was threatening to leave.

    the elders would come round and do whatever they do, while i'd be upstairs half wishing she'd leave, then back tracking hoping she wouldnt cos i'd have to go with her.

    it could be his going down the pub that triggered it, or potato dust from him weighing his potatoes in the kitchen,the fact he never aspired to be an elder whatever, dont suppose for one minute she mentioned her skimming his takings which is why the poor sod could never work out why his books didnt balance but hey ho.

    my dad never said anything about it, tho eventually he did go out and buy her a suitcase big enough to fit two bodies in with wheels on 'so she wouldnt strain her back'

  • bluecanary

    We only got shepherding visits when we requested it which we stopped doing once we realized they were anything but encouraging.

    When my mother was divorced (without grounds to remarry; after all he only carried on an emotional affair, including groping the other women, oh and molested me for years) she found it difficult to live without sex, but didn't want to fall into temptation. So she asked for encouragement and practical advise on how to remain chaste. The CO and an elder visited and told her, in front of me, that her only choice was to go back to her husband. Never mind that he didn't want her back. Good times.

  • flipper

    Any shepherding visits I had the elders always offered me their personal opinions on issues - not the Bible's advice. My first ex-wife ( a JW I was married to for 19 years ) without informing me invited the elders over with no notice to talk about her and I experimenting with oral sex ! I hardly knew these elders so I flew down the driveway in my car as they were driving up !

    The other " shepherding " call I had was a year before I stopped attending in 2002. I mentioned to the P.O. elder that I had picked up more work to provide for my family ( as I had 2 teenage stepchildren and 3 of my own to provide for ) at the time - and his response was " Now brother don't get materialistic . You don't want to get too involved making money ! " This advice from a brother who earned $150,000 to $ 200,000 per year . Me at the time ? I earned $ 40,000 a year trying to provide for 5 children. Just trying to survive. And people wonder why I talk negatively about the elders. Don't get me started- there are more authentic stories where THESE come from

  • vilot

    In 28 years one visit an elder and ms. I sat on the couch in my living room while the elder gave me a mini public talk about donating money to the society and hall. I sat there stunned thinking I hear this crap all the time at the hall. There was absolutely nothing personal about the visit just a way for the 2 of them to count time...

  • yknot

    .....yep encouraging, very encouraging!!!

    Abusive liar admits I am telling the truth but Nazi PO and Head-henchman decide I am still a demon-possessed liar (DPL)!

    Ahh alleged holy spirit appointed Elders are so discrening ................

    Yknot........ DPL (insert evil world domination laugh).

  • cantleave

    The best SC I ever had was when I showed disrespect for an Elder by taking the piss out him behind his back. He just wanted to confirm what I had said, so he could berate me about respecting the theocratic arrangemnt.

    Incidently he actually stepped down and changed congregation when I was appointed myself - what a tw*t!!.

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