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    quietlyleaving said:

    "Similarly I don't think OM would ever allow a JC to even be convened against any member of his own family. Now if he'd said he'd had a brain fart about stopping JCs from being convened and suggest that the individual should be encouraged to see a professional counsellor first and then based upon what the professional says, decide to convene one or not - that would be a different matter. "

    A refreshing voice of sanity. Thank you.

    The only problem is, if I were to voice that, it's an immediate Disassociation.

    The whole concept of JCs is ludicrous and reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition (without the mechanical devices).

    If my wife (the only BAPTIZED member of my immediate family) were to be summoned to a JC, I would give her the "straight dope" and let her make up her mind on how to proceed. My kids could, at worst, only be summoned to a 2-elder "your no longer a Publisher-of-the-Good-News" Committee.

    JCs are messed up.

    The JW religion is messed up.

    There's no way I will ever ACTUALLY find myself on a JC again.

    Nuff said?


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    Open mind

    sorry for the double post.

    Maybe the double Martini had something to do with it.


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