Jury, err, Judicial Committee Nullification

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Please do not take this in the wrong way. But the sooner you live in accord with what you believe the better person you will be. Life is too short.



    See, others are telling you. Not just me. Putting aside that excellent comment, generally speaking I almost always tried to say "He/She is repentant. Private reproof. Period." So did many of the elders. Private reproof would just be inappropriate if the thing was highly known. My last JC (and I was the chairman) got out of hand because someone went over my head about private reproof and called the service desk to get them to clarify why we needed to announce reproof. The PO brought pressure on me to personally make the announcement after he heard that one of the elders had spoken to Bethel.

    Is that what you are hoping for? A mess from the other two elders, a stink to get you fired? It's rare. Even had I refused to make that announcement, another elder would have. They still would not have fired me. You might serve on several JC's before your standard private reproof solution is rejected. Maybe your body is more cold-hearted than most others. If you know that, you stand a chance.

    Just free yourself of the burden. If you insist on getting fired, then you have to do something that makes you look bad. Instead- Just start working on a reason to quit instead of looking bad. Depression, burdens, doubt- those are the big three. Doubt makes you look bad, but it's honest. It only looks bad to those on the BOE because you don't share it with the congregation. They only find out when the gossip starts, but by then you are fading out.

  • BabaYaga

    What you are doing is part of a natural and very understandable process, for some.

    You still believe you can do more good from the inside than you can from being out. In some ways, you might possibly be right. Regardless, you cannot maintain this charade for long without endangering your own emotional (or even physical) health.

    Each of us must find our own path, in our own time, and do what we think is RIGHT every step of the way.

    Strength and wisdom to you.


  • palmtree67

    "I cant listen to hypocritcal people"

    Very often, people who have been abused in some way, are very sensitive to hypocrisy and injustice. What you are feeling is normal, but you have to learn not to project your own sensitivity to hypocrisy onto people who may not deserve it. I know because I had to learn that the hard way, too.

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  • Open mind
    Open mind

    "I've kept my promise"

    It was just a brain fart.

    As for the hypocrisy, well, we each make our own bed.

    I'll continue to leave the JCs to the power-mad control freaks who usually jump to be on them, even if they do get a bit tired of it after a while.

    So, creativhoney, do you honestly think someone would be better off with whichever 3 bozos the Hoooly Spirit picks? Or with someone, although untrained, who would STRONGLY recommend someone seek professional help if they need it, for example? It's all academic anyway. I'm done with JCs. The increasinly by-the-book elders can continue to be led by the "spirit" and treat the flock with loving care.

    Uh huh.

    All done here.


  • whatcanIsay

    Here is what I think you should do! Use bible proof against the other two elders to sway them to forgive a person instead of the use of private reproof or public reproof. Why not pray for the person and let them go let them feel true love and that they are fogiven. After all when a person comes to you and they say they are sorry and confess a sin that should be good enough in God's eyes! Why drag a person through the mud if they confess sins! Let them go in peace and tell them that they need a bible study and to stay around people who can help them. Hope that helps you! Sometimes I think the Catholics got this one thing right with the exception of crimes against children and humans!

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    "I'll continue to leave the JCs to the power-mad control freak who usually jump to be on them"

    This wasn't a very well considered statement.

    Power-mad control freaks DO usually jump to be on JCs. (I'm only speaking from my own experience here.) And usually the BOE only allows one, if any, to be on the JC. That's been my experience. Your mileage may vary.

    I truly do feel that the poor souls who end up in the back room for the Kangaroo Court would hopefully be better off with me sitting there, but the tiny shred of conscience I still possess just won't let me be there.


  • palmtree67


    "tiny shred of conscience"? No, my friend, nothing wrong with your conscience.

    I wish to high heaven I had had YOU on my JC. I have nothing but respect for you. I could never walk in your shoes and by God, I have nothing but respect for those who have to.

    Please continue to post here. I really appreciate your insight.

  • BabaYaga

    I agree with Palm Tree.

    I understand why other dear ones are so angry, I really do. But anger is part of the healing process...

    Peace to you, Open Mind.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Dear creativhoney,

    I just finished reading some of your first posts here.

    Sorry if I offended.

    This religion has REALLY messed with so many people's lives.

    In the big scheme of things I've come through relatively unscathed.

    I wish you peace and healing on your path.

    And I'll try to keep my brain farts to myself in the future.


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