Jury, err, Judicial Committee Nullification

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  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Just had a brain fart and I don't think I'll actually try this, but see what you think.

    I made myself a promise that I was done serving on JCs roughly 2 years ago. And, with the exception of a rubber stamp reinstatement charade, I've kept that promise. I have had several opportunities since to be on a JC and have, so far, discreetly kept myself out of them.

    So here's the brilliant idea that I don't have the chutzpah to carry out. The next time a JC is formed, I'll volunteer to be on it and will likely be chosen since the others are getting pretty burned out. That's where Jury Nullification comes in. Unless the accused admits to child molestation, (In which case I'd excuse myself to call the cops before he could leave the building) my stand would be:

    He/She is repentant. Private reproof. Period.

    No amount of common sense appeals to the contrary would sway me.

    What do you think?


  • creativhoney

    so are you still an elder?

  • creativhoney

    Im sorry to be so vehementbut if you have the opp to be on a JC you are an elder and its people like you that people like my mum trust in.. masquerading, but not believing, and she doesnt speak to me. if you dont believe and you dont want to lose your family, fine. but sit in the sidelines. to preside over others with a skeptical view is just pharasical and it makes me sick.

  • zarco

    Please do not take this in the wrong way. But the sooner you live in accord with what you believe the better person you will be. Life is too short.



  • jeanniebeanz

    In my experience and from what I remember from listening to my father who was an elder and a PO for many years, the other two elders will normally go along with the PO on whatever he thought should be done.

    Maybe, you should become the PO, and then be on every committee, that way, all child molesters would be punished, and the next time sister Depressedforyears came to you in tears with 'doubts' you could tell her she should follow her instincts and offer advice on how to complete a successful fade!

    Not a perfect plan, but it would sure be wonderful to see something like this work out.


  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    that is cool in my mind... stay in to help the innocent.... why not? as long as your not decieving yourself in thinking you can stay "in" and not want to be....

  • creativhoney

    doesnt work like that though, dissilusioned people put their fate in your hands. - one 'brother' at my old hall was due to give the memorial talk. he was having an affair. to me its horrendous that the people who 'judge' you arent necessarily believers. it always shocked me that vicars didnt always believe what they taught but they got paid. for me to discover that elders who boot you out and exercise control over loved and lost family members who feel they are doing right in shunning me, - and the very same are trawling forums like this - well it disgusts me. if i have offended you sorry. maybe you dont want to be on JCs. have a backbone and step down or do you love the power? - I understand those who dont want to lose loved ones, but those who sit in judgement, well clearly they get off listening to how sister weak had sex.. do you use it as a mastubatory aid when your frigid wife ignores you? grow a spine.

    to the less angryposters I apologise but this kind of crap makes me so upset. its this kind of shit that has ruined my life.

  • palmtree67

    "its this kind of shit that has ruined my life."

    Don't let it.

    It may have ruined your life up til now. But only you can ruin your life from here on in.

  • creativhoney

    palmtree, thanks :) maybe over dramatic. my life isnt that bad. I miss my mum, I think she is misguided because of trusting ppl like this. the elder that DFd me told my sister the other week he thought her breasts were lovely. ?!?!

    Im ok, but it really annoys me. I cant listen to hypocritcal people and I know its an open forum but to know that basically the elders that DFd me and my mum put her trust in could be trawling this forum making 'brain fart' jokes like this poster is just a cause for contempt. it is despicable. he is despicable.


  • digderidoo

    Creativhoney, without pre-empting anything open mind says some elders come on here and learn things about the troof slowly. Their are elders on here that have used their position for the benefit of others. I personally cannot see why anyone who posts here would stay an elder for long, but this board welcomes all JW's (including elders), we all have a starting point for when we begin to doubt and leave, and for some it's coming on here.

    Your anger in my view is misdirected towards open mind, it's not he who has ruined your life.

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