Did I commit the unforgivable sin?

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  • palmtree67

    The Witnesses describe the unforgiveable sin as : "Denying an evident manifestation of the holy spirit."

    I guess it's between you and God to decide.

    Your situation sounds exactly like mine. I have wondered the same thing.

  • Finally-Free

    Even as a JW I could not understand the concept of sinning against the holy spirit. In JW doctrine the holy spirit is not a living being. The watchtower calls it an "active force" similar to electricity.

    How do you sin against something that's not alive? 21 years ago I worked in a machine shop and accidentally dropped one of my micrometers. Did I sin against my micrometer? Yesterday I used my microwave and toaster oven at the same time and tripped a breaker. Did I sin against electricity? My electrical panel? My electrical outlet? All three?

    In 20 years as a JW I never met anyone who could explain what a sin against the holy spirit was. How on earth can they hope to avoid doing something they can't even define?



    In Canada..

    Taking the last cold beer without putting any more in the fridge,is the Unforgivable Sin..

    You left your wife and ruined her life..Not the nicest thing to do..


    Not as bad as taking the last cold beer..

    Move to Canada,keep lots of cold beer in the fridge and you`ll be fine..


  • poppers

    Finally-Free - I like your thinking.

  • Finally-Free

    Outlaw, I committed that sin yesterday. No cold beer in the fridge. But I forgave myself as soon as I opened a bottle of red wine. Perfect at room temperature.


  • AlexHall

    haha, thanks outlaw, I think I need to move to Canada then :)

  • mkr32208

    Nobody really knows what the unforgivable sin is in JW land, I asked the last group of elders who I spoke to what the sin was so that I could do it... They didn't know the best that they could come up with was that as a rank and file JW I COULDN'T do the unforgivable sin as I wasn't one of the anointed!

    They said that they all kind of thought that the unforgivable sin was if one of the annointed became apostate... And here I thought it was the Avada Kedavra curse!

  • thomas15


    A man asked the Apostle Paul this question "what must I do to be saved?" The story and answer is in the Bible, Acts 16:16-34

    Jesus was asked by several men "what must we do, to do the works of God?" the answer is in John 6:28-29

    Go to your local library and find either a NIV or ESV translation of the Bible and read and believe these verses. If you have a Christian bookstore nearby, buy a paperback copy ($5.00 US) of the ESV Holy Bible ISBN-13 978-1-58134-753-1. In the back of it PAGE 897 is more on the answer you are looking for.

    yours truly,


  • PSacramento


    Those were examples I gave, examples that all can relate to.

    Leaving the WT and still believing in God and Jesus is NOT sinning against the HS, its "sinning" against the WT and unless the WT is making itself equal to the HS, then that is never the case.

    To sin against the HS is to sin against God and Jesus, a mortal sin is one that can not be forgiven, turning our backs in hatred to the HS MAY be viewed as a mortal sin, of course only God, through Jesus, can judge what is a mortal sin and whatis not.

    Losing ones religion because one was lied to is NOT a mortal sin, one can argu that perverting the teachings of Jesus for the benefit of an organization ( any organization) is a far greater sin.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    If you're worried that you may have committed the 'unforgivable sin' then its quite likely that you haven't

    - such is the ignorance of those who truly blaspheme against the Holy Spirit that they simply wouldn't even notice that they have.

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