Did I commit the unforgivable sin?

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  • AlexHall

    When I was ex-communicated by the Jw´s a couple of years ago one thought ran through my mind. Had I commited the unforgivable sin?

    I have willingly divorced my wife without a scriptual reason for it. I had good personal reasons for it, but nothing that the Jw´s would listen to. According to how I was thaught I have commited a sin, knowingly exactly what the Jw God wanted me to do, but doing the opposite.

    I then fell inlove with another girl, did all the things you do when you falll in love knowing that the Jw God looked down at me and saw me as an adulterer...

    After all this some people have told me that as long as I repent, God will forgive me. But I can´t really see how that could work. I can´t blame on temperary insanity, i wasn´t drunk or under any other drugs. I had taken several decision with both hearth and mind that went opposite to what i "should do". Isn´t that a sin that God won´t forgive?

    Why Im asking this is that I find the thought-pattern quite interesting. I have no plans on getting back, and I no longer belive in the God of Jw`s. But I still have family in there, that refuses to talk to me, and Im still trying to figure out how some things became as they are.

    Anyone with any pointers?

  • FlyingHighNow

    Excommunication. JW's don't call it that.

  • jookbeard

    of course it isn't the unforgivable sin, Apostasy is the sin against the Holy Spirit.

  • chickpea
    whoever says a word against the Son of man will be forgiven;
    but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven,
    either in this age or in the age to come" (Matthew 12:22-32).

    ya gotta go after holy spirit to hit it out of the park....

  • AlexHall

    Flyinghighnow: How could it matter what word I use, you apparantly know what I mean. Im from sweden, don´t know the correct term for: uteslutning.

    Jookbeard: haha, so Im not screwed for my first sin, its only the sin of stoping believing that will come back and bite me :)

    But how do you really sin agains the holy spirit? if the spirit is the power of God, how do you speak against the power?

  • jookbeard

    read up on your WTS literature , there is plenty of info against sinning against their version of the Holy Spirit, personally I think it's all baloney, but surely as a JW you should know this

  • Satanus

    'But how do you really sin agains the holy spirit?'

    It would need to be direct action by you against the direct action of the holy spirit. What direct action has gods holy spirit done in your life, or anywhere, that you can discern??


  • AlexHall

    My knowledge about Jw´s and the bible is a bit rusty, sorry for that. I buried a lot of these thoughts when i was excommunicated, and haven´t really felt the need do let them breath until now.

    But if apostasy is sinning against the holy spirit, then someone once an apostate, always an apostate? Since God will never forgive them? And yep, i know, that is one of the reasoning behind the shunning part. That once you have tasted the true fruit of christianity and left, then you have had your chance, and is cast out in the world again. But people that go the apostate way, can still come back to the congregation, right? Then it can´t truly be a sin against the spirit, since God would never forgive that? I know Jw´s regard all apostates as part of the antichrist, and all that leave the organisation "willingly" is to be regared as such, but I can´t get my head around how God could possible forgive someone for making a deliberate sin agains him?

  • Janey214

    Just my "tupenneth" ~ what happened to repentance? Even if someone literally became apostate and then realised their error surely they'll still be able to get back to God?

    Isn't it more about those people who apostacize (sic) and fight willingly and openly against God right until death? Aren't they the ones who'll really be condemned?


  • acolytes

    Flying High. ..."Ex -witnesses dont call it that" This is an international board.

    Alex Hall... What is the unforgivable sin? If its being true to yourself I guess you committed it.


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