Last of the JW literature on the burn pile :)

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    I have posted a couple of threads in the last year getting rid of my old WT literatrash. The first purge emptied an entire bookcase and part of another. I put the remaining books into a big Rubbermaid container and stored it. Now that my fiancee and her son are in the process of moving in, I need the space. So, after pulling out a couple of books for someone who made one last request (bennyk, you have a PM), I took them out to the back yard and added the books to the brush pile....

    It felt especially good to rip the covers off of the old Revelation Climax book (oddly, the paperbacks don't have that satisfying riiiiipppp that the hardcovers have.) As I was ripping that particular book apart, I was saddened and angered at all of the detailed notes, scriptures, etc that represented literally hundreds of hours of "personal study™" as I prepared for the Congregation Book Study, both as an MS and as an Elder and CBSO.

    It was also quite cathartic. I cannot wait to get out to the backyard, maybe even today, and burn that crap into unreadable ashes. Normally, I would have ripped the covers off and recycled the paper. In this case, I want that stuff g o n e.

    So, except for a few bibles (and even that NWT might hit the pile), and a couple of secular reference books (Strong's, Vine's) which I will be sending to my non-JW brother who suddenly has an interest in spirituality and is studying the bible with....Baptists.....LOL. More power to him. I am done.

    Maybe I will bring the video camera out to the yard and record it for it on YouTube for $hit$ and grin$. I was thinking of a couple of soundtracks for it... (burn baby burn; chestnuts yearbooks over an open fire, etc)....

    Snakes (Rich )

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Funny how one unties the knot a bit at a time, isn't it? I did about the same, Snakes. 80% went on the first purge. Then 5% increments. Now I occasionally find a book or two and trash them.

    Sometimes it is cathartic for me to drive past the KH door, and toss one up on the sidewalk. Just an hour before the meeting for field service is a good time. Then I can daydream about what the 'sista's' think about having literature returned to them. [I never toss anything with ID].

    I did recycle some of that shit. Might as well find something useful for it I suppose. Most of the first 80% was placed in the alcove at the KH in nice big boxes.

    Damn. Wish I had a nice piece of that garbage. Meetng for service is in an hour.


  • chickpea

    oh mate do i get what you are saying!

    i am thrilled for all the great things going on
    in your life and wish you the very best!

    i am in the midst of a much delayed spring cleaning
    and trying to sort out what exactly is clotting my life!

    lo and behold a very crowded and disorganized closet
    has been harboring two HEAVY boxes of old WTS crap!

    i too am saddened about how wasted was time and
    energy and opportunity whilst running the b0rg's
    hamster wheel, how cheated my children were...

    jesus tap-dancing christ! such assinine things !
    there is a spiral bound isaiah book with notes
    from a B/S we attended in auckland whilst on HOLIDAY!!!

    you can almost use the book layers like an archeological dig
    to determine the beginning of the end, in terms of our drifting TM ...
    dog-eared books heavily studied to convention releases never opened

    dupes! rubes! pawns!!!!!!!

    free dump day is coming up in mid october...
    guess what the first boxes on the trailer are!!

    it really mystifies me at times how this crap
    got so squirreled away in so many corners
    of our lives.... i am not EVEN going to mention
    it to the kids since it would set them off on a
    pissy rant i just dont have the energy to listen to atm!
    (gotta save that energy for cleaning!)

  • snowbird
    a couple of secular reference books (Strong's, Vine's)

    Takes a while to lose the "pure language," doesn't it?

    Tee hee hee.

    Just yanking your chain a little bit!

    I'm happy for the direction you're taking your life, Snakes.


  • WTWizard

    I definitely suggest getting rid of the littera-trash now, if you find any. Your fiancee probably understands that there is going to be some turning up all the time (there always is, just as there are always pine needles in your carpet from the Christmas tree), but at least they should be destroyed or disposed of as you find them. The last thing you need is to make her think you are going back to the witlesses (and all the worse, now that they are being exposed for some pretty serious s*** they are doing, in mainstream newspapers).

    When I purged my littera-trash, the first to go were things that would fit in my shredder. I went through the place pretty thoroughly, because I have not found a stray Kingdumb Misery or a washtowel or asleep that I missed in quite a while (and, if I do, the shredder is still there). The hard books went a year later, right in the dumpster one rainy night (they got soaked with rain). Suits were tossed in waves--if they were in poor condition, looked like s***, or were too big or small, they are gone. And, my circus bags went the day after I heard about the Thanksgiving Pedophile Embarrassment of 2007 (I have nothing left to throw away for the embarrassments of the kidnapping and the cannibalism, so I had to settle for ordering new Halloween lights to decorate the foyer for Halloween when it never was attempted before).

  • Heaven

    Fire is very cleansing.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Fire is very cleansing.

    Definitely. I have burned some of it before.

    I have a few cases of WT literature in the back of a closet that goes under a staircase. The problem getting them out is that it is my JW wife's closet up front. There's no way to pull the boxes out without disturbing her stuff and she would know that I did. So I don't have an excuse to pull the boxes out yet and burn them. But I will one day. I will.

  • sacolton

    Dumped all of my Watchtower publications into the garbage bin. It's gratifying to think they are rotting away in some landfill right now.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Boxes and boxes of mine went into the recycle truck. I hope it was made into toilet paper.

  • ClubKing

    I tried to burn my books but they wouldn't catch fire!

    I'm kidding!!

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