Cantleave went to the meeting last night

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  • quietlyleaving

    old hippie i think its a case of topic within a topic. Meetings are mostly identical.


    Good on you cantleave - the depression/burnout card is one they will not know how to deal with when it comes!

    Is Mrs cantleave supportive of your fade?

    Reading your post (exiting on your terms) reminded me of this one posted by JT...

  • oompa

    elder: If I really am putting Jehovah first in my life, all the necessities will be taken care of." also "The congregation will miss your assignments and you will be creating additional work for the other Elders, some of them are finding it hard too!" everyone with the necessities is putting jah first?.......maybe god is showing his blessing of you putting him first by giving you extra work/income?.........and geeze....these elders are just getting more rewards/privileges not they should be happier....i say they need their thinking readjusted........oompa

  • yknot

    Old Hippie....

    The masturbation piece was 'extended' from the CBS into the 'local needs' portion of the meeting...... (ran over the 10 minute limit too)

    I would love to be a fly on the BOE wall discerning their process of choosing masturbation for the local needs..... How do guys sit with a straight face in those get togethers, damn well knowing they all probably 'deadened' their members in the shower that morning!

    Our BOE has a bit of a history of liking 'sensationalism' concerning local needs talks....... for instance masturbation isn't just a topic that parents need to talk their pubescent kiddos but even YOUNG children as studies trying to 'normalize' this 'unclean act' report masturbation is engaged by PRESCHOOLERS (e-gads). The Evil Internet not only brings pornography but even a site that sugest the molesting of household items! (I would like to know which Elder '"researched'" that tidbit!)

  • Jim_TX

    Looks like your fade is going well.

    Good Luck.


    Jim TX

  • WTWizard

    Put your material needs ahead of the boasting sessions.

    First, their own Bible mentions that, if you are not providing for your family, you are worse than a person without faith--and that means you are worse if you are going to all the boasting sessions and not working than you would be if you miss the boasting sessions and work. With the economy like it is these days (and hyperinflation will come without warning, as in all the Inflation Stimulus Packages of late), you should be seeking to work as much as you reasonably can to support your family. If those cockroach witlesses can't leave you alone after that, show them where in the Bible it tells us that we should mind our own business. They do follow the Bible, do they? (Like they claim to)

    There is a solution to everyone having a hard time--and trying to pull you back in is not it. They should make sure there is a real reward for doing the extra--not just the basic "life" reward that is the same regardless of how much extra work you take on. If there was actual reward for taking the responsibilities, and it exceeded the cost, people would be lining up for it. That would also cause worldly people to line up--they too will take on things if the reward exceeds the cost. This is not some imperfect human desire--the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger claiming that needing a reward is human imperfection is why they are in this pickle in the first place. And they should allow "sisters" equal access--that would take much of the burden away from the men.

  • cantleave

    Theoldhippie, my mate was taking the CBS, it wasn't a different meeting, the whole world was subjected to the same rubbisk - BTW i'm in the UK.

    Flipper I won't let them grind me down, I am determined to enjoy my Fade, and get as many of them as possible to start doubting in the process.

    Thanks Lukewarm - interesting link.

    Oompa - lol - If my fellow elders gave decent advice like that I wouldn't be here!

    Ynot - unbelievable - how can any BOE make masturbation a local needs item - they must really be running out of ideas.

    Thanks jim-tx

    WTWizard - As always you've hit the nail squarely on the head. Hyper inflation is indeed a possibility and will of course be seen as a sign of the end (throwing gold onto the streets etc).

  • outofthebox

    Hopefully you will soon change your nick :)

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "I hear you have had a number of personal problems recently and was wondering if there is anything we can do to help?"

    Since this was after the meeting, you might have replied with something like:

    "If you're trying to address the number of times I masturbate, I will have you know that I don't find it a problem and I don't need you doing anything to help!"


    "Yes, I've tried to get a handle on my masturbation problem. Sometimes it's really hard. Sometimes it's not. Usually it starts out hard, then I struggle with it, then when the problem comes to a climax, I don't find it hard at all. I'm not tempted to masturbate for hours! So really, I guess I overcome this personal 'self-abuse' problem everyday. Sometimes twice a day. What exactly did you have in mind that you could do to help?"

  • cantleave

    or.............."I can't masturbate anymore, I hear you know where to get Viagra"

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