Use Your Crystal Ball & Make A Prediction About Something

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  • OnTheWayOut

    The Cubs will win a World Series (American Baseball for you that don't get it) before Armageddon comes.

  • undercover
    "It won't go any faster - I can't get it to go any faster".

    Oh, she'll have fun trying to tell the crew what's wrong with a "stock" car that's ill handling...

    OK I give up....I tried twice OTWO, to respond to your Cubs post but the baseball gods have denied me...

  • undercover
  • undercover
  • Goshawk

    I predict Minimus will start another thread with a question.

  • villabolo

    1. There will be an oil shortage in 2-5 years.

    2. In 5-10 years the North Polar ice cap will be practically gone, during the summer. The elimination of the white ice caps, that reflect heat, and their replacement by open blue water, which absorbs heat, will heat up the circumpolar region and cause the following:

    a. Altering of the immediate climate in North America and Eurasia due to a chain reaction of changing weather events. Possible crop failures which rely on predictable climate to grow in.

    b. Further melting of the Siberian/Alaskan permafrost and underwater frozen methane deposits, which in turn will exhale more carbon dioxide and methane. This will, in the decades to follow, reinforce the current climate change we are undergoing.


  • minimus

    Sylvia....not me!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    There will be a nuclear attack on American soil during Obamas presidency.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Danica Patrick will kick major @$$ in Nascar. (nice and appropriate Springsteen reference though)

    The Steelers will repeat as Super Bowl champs, and put a serious challenge up against the Patsies as the team of the decade.

    Ill informed opinions will continue to dominate the internet, until eventually (10-15 years out) the internet will no longer be free, effectively regulating information all over the world. Welcome to the Matrix, pragmatic style.


    I only have 1 beer left..Which means I will be soon out of beer..

    Canadians solve all thier problems with beer..

    I will no longer have the tools to solve problems..

    Wiithout that one beer in the fridge,I won`t be able to figure out how to get more beer..

    I will be lost..A social outcast..

    I may be Deported a Muslim Country,where they don`t Care about Beer..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

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