Use Your Crystal Ball & Make A Prediction About Something

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  • AllTimeJeff


    I just bought a case of beer. Tonight, I will have 3 for you. Fear not, Canada won't get rid of you. They need you. Bad.


    Thanks "AllTime Jeff"..

    Drinking 3 beer for Me..In another Country..Counts in Canada!!

    I`m going to jump in the truck,head to the General Store and get some Beer!!

    While you buy me some time..


  • dinah

    I predict a Werewolf game will start at Brin's site in a couple of days.................... *hint hint Jeff*

  • AllTimeJeff

    I got a new computer without viruses, and I don't have my old bookmarks. Plus I have been dealing with @$$holes at work. I predict that I am going to eat dinner, have another beer, and check on Werewolf.

    This doesn't make you a prophetess Dinah. You still think the Tide have a chance in hell against the Vols... *shaking head*

  • dinah

    Ahhhh, Jeff......just call me the delusional prophetess

  • AllTimeJeff

    Hey Outlaw, I did my first beer for you. You've got two to go. I sure hope your truck can make it back. Please tell me you got some Molson. Thats good shit!




    When I`m in Canada I drink Molson..

    When I`m out of Canada I drink imported..Molson!

    Molson many times has gifts in the 18 pak..

    Hats..Tshirts ect..ect..

    I told a "Molson Rep" if they put Molson boxers in the gift pack..

    I`d never have to go clothes shopping..

    That was a little over the top,even for the Molson Rep..


    I did get her to laugh..LOL!!..


  • brinjen

    I predict severe astrological changes will bring on doom to the earth.

    I predict Princess Diana will marry again.

    I predict in a years time I will be a billionaire with 3 kids.

    NEW LIGHT! I predict none of the predictions I made above will come true.

  • dissed

    I predict Global warming is just a ruse for people to make billions of dollars.

    That Obama will get caught cheating on his wife but no one will care.

    That the Swine Flu will seriously erupt in the USA and fill the KH's with scared people turning in time reports.

    That the term "New Light" will be changed to "New Green approved Flourescent Light"

    The WTS books will be opened to the IRS and the GB will be put into the highest tax bracket reserved for movie stars, sports figures, and drug dealers.

    The WTS will be so stripped for cash that new serious measures must be adopted for them to survive.

    To raise money, KH's will be selling naming rights to corporations like "Chico's Bail Bonds KH of JW's"

    The Watchtower will start to accept advertising with back page classifieds called "Kingdom Korner Klassifieds"

    That Disfellowshipped ones can buy their way back in without repentance. Adultery = $500 / Blood Transfusions = $500 / Fornication = $500 ($250 discount for Elders kids) / Reviling Elders = (Publicly)$1,000, (Privately) $500 / Apostasy = $5,000-($20,000 if you happened to belittle the GB with a letter read on Dateline)

    Tithing will not happen, but JW's will have to sign over payroll checks, deeds to homes, and sign over titles to old cars to the WTS for "Kingdom Kar Auctions"

    Bethelites will now be encouraged to sell blood once a week at the Red Cross, with all proceeds going to the "Save the GB from Federal Prison Tax Evasion Fund"

    To keep the Sisters from leaving, they will be given more priviledges in the congregations. They will be allowed to clean both bathrooms, mens and womens, serve the Elders coffee at Elders meetings, and wash Elders cars. Pioneer sisters will now sit on Judicial Comittees provided they wear head coverings.

    And JWN will be asked to debate WT people on TV in a new, no holds barred, "Jerry Springer" formatt.

  • Bourne

    I will be asleep soon...

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