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    Again, as JO noted, Obama's first speech to the children was different and has been amended due to the uproar.

    As is now acknowledged by his Education Secretary Arne Duncan on MSNBC:

    Hours before Obama was to make an appearance that has been tinged by controversy, Duncan acknowledged that someone in the administration erred in suggesting students compose letters saying how they can be supportive of the president's policy goals.

    Interviewed on MSNBC Tuesday morning, Duncan conceded that guidance passed out in connection with Obama's appearance at a school in Arlington, Va., "was not worded perfectly correct." But he said the focus must be on young people, not "all the adult talk." Duncan said the most critical issue is to reverse what has become a 30 percent high school dropout rate .



    So, as was pointed on on previous threads, the angst was never about Obama's New Message, which is *Stay in School.*.

    As I have pointed out, with the number of drop out Ex-JWs who bemoan their lot in life because of a lack of education--(dropping out to Pioneer), I think this is a great message, even coming from the Socialist Obama. I would have no problem having my kid hear *this* message--the stay in school one, that is.

    Again, this is different from his initial message noted above by the President's own Secretary of Education which was *How can you be supportive of the Presidents Agenda*.

    I don't want my children being supportive of a Socialist agenda.

    Interestingly, one of the reasons cited for so many schools NOT showing his speech is the lack of cable and / or broadband connections in every classroom. I never considered that personally and it brought to light one of the little things that people don't consider when denouncing why schools aren't showing this live.

    The cost to wire all those classrooms for live feed is tremendous and, apparently, many school systems just don't have the money for *that*. They are wired for sound, but not for live video.

    That bit of information was on NBC news last night.

  • blondie

    This came out when I was in high school after several jws had dropped out and subsequently could not get a job to support themselves and had to go back and get their diploma.

    *** w70 8/1 pp. 479-480 Questions From Readers ***

    Young Christians attending public school face many problems because of growing delinquency, immorality, nationalism, and so forth. Hence, when one has completed the minimum schooling required by law, would it be advisable to leave school and devote more time to the ministry, or should one finish the normal basic schooling?—D. B., U.S.A.

    Customs and legal requirements about schooling vary from country to country. In some lands a set amount of schooling is compulsory for all children, with little or no provision for one to leave earlier. In other lands only a couple of years of schooling (or none at all) are compulsory, most education being left up to the individual to be obtained as circumstances allow.

    In the United States of America a student usually attends elementary school for seven or eight years (differing from state to state) and then a secondary (high) school for about four years. The laws of most states rule that a youth must attend until he graduates from high school, or until age sixteen. However, even though one can leave school at sixteen if the parents approve, the majority of youths attend until graduation at about age eighteen. The following discussion will deal primarily with the United States of America, since that is what the questioner is interested in, but likely many of the points and principles presented will apply to some extent in other lands also.

    Proper knowledge and education are fine things. Christian parents are interested in the education of their children. In accord with God’s directions, they personally instruct and train their offspring in many fields, including the Bible, true worship, home responsibilities and proper conduct. (Eph. 6:4; Prov. 22:6) The Theocratic Ministry School and other meetings in each congregation of Jehovah’s witnesses have been invaluable aids to young Christians, developing in them abilities and poise that often make them above average for their age. But where there are public schools available most Christian parents also want their children to get a reasonable secular education, feeling that the specialized training to read and write well and education in subjects such as geography and history may assist them as Christian ministers. Also, some secular education and training may prepare them for an occupation, something they may need to support themselves and their families.—1 Tim. 5:8.

    ‘But how long should a child go to school?’ persons might ask. The parents must decide that. (Prov. 6:20; 23:22; Eph. 5:22-24) If the law of the land requires a certain number of years of schooling, Christians know that they are to "be obedient to governments and authorities as rulers." (Titus 3:1) But if the legal minimum has been met, the parents have to determine what the child will do. Perhaps sickness or dire financial pressure in the family requires that a young man or woman get a job. On the other hand, the parents might direct the minor to attend the extra year or two of school so as to graduate and receive a diploma, as is the custom in the land. Parents and youths can discuss the matter, but the Bible gives the parents, particularly the father, the deciding voice, and the minor Christian should recognize that.—Col. 3:18, 20.

    As indicated in the inquiry, many Christians realize that in some schools violence, immorality, use of drugs and disrespect for authority are increasing rapidly. Does this situation warrant removing a youth from school as soon as that is legally possible? A few parents have concluded, ‘Yes,’ and have done so. They are not to be criticized for their decision. Others have moved their children to another public school where such problems are not as bad. But we must face the fact that conditions in the world in general are getting worse. The only way to avoid such things altogether would be to get out of the world, and we cannot do that. (1 Cor. 5:10) Would leaving school and obtaining a secular job completely eliminate the problem? Likely not. Fellow employees may be considerably more experienced and proficient at seduction than fellow students. A Canadian report indicated that two-thirds of all employees are either basically dishonest or would be dishonest if given the opportunity. An American report said that three out of every four companies with fifty or more employees may have a drug-abuse problem. Consequently, all Christians—whether in school or not—have to strive to remain morally clean, to avoid situations that might involve violence and to remain spiritually strong.

    Numerous young persons have written to us expressing a commendable desire to expand their activity as Christian ministers in the last days of this system of things. (2 Tim. 3:1; 4:5; 1 Tim. 4:16) Some have commented that if they left school early they might be able to do that as pioneer ministers. By self-scrutiny such ones can consider: Is it really a fuller share in the ministry that you want? Have you consistently demonstrated that this is your sincere, consuming desire by sharing in the ministry at every opportunity, including during holidays and vacations when you can serve as a vacation pioneer minister? A young Christian in school has a basically untouched field for witnessing about the Bible, because when Jehovah’s witnesses in their house-to-house ministry meet a youth they usually ask for and speak to the parents if they are at home. So, do you regularly and actively witness about God to fellow students, expanding your ministry all you can in that way? The decision of whether you will continue in school rests with your parents, and primarily your father. But whatever the decision is, you can follow through on your desire to speak about God at every opportunity.

    Youth is a time to serve Jehovah. (Eccl. 12:1) It is also the usual time for one to learn things that may be quite necessary in adult life. It was the custom among the Jews for every lad to learn a trade or some form of useful employment, even if advanced education in the Law was planned. The Jewish view was that he who failed to teach his child a trade was teaching the youth to be a thief. Thus Saul of Tarsus learned the trade of tentmaking even though, before becoming a Christian, he was educated as a pupil of Gamaliel. (Acts 18:3; 22:3) Today the public schools are often the place where one begins to learn a trade or means of supporting oneself, whether it be carpentry, accounting, installation of electrical equipment, typing, printing, welding or some other occupation.

    ‘But you have not pointedly said whether my youngster should complete his basic education in school or not,’ someone might think. Precisely so, for it is not our place to do so or even to recommend either quitting or continuing in school. God has authorized the individual parents to direct their children in such matters, and we cannot ignore His authorization. This is a serious matter, and parents should make it a matter of prayer and should ponder it with care. (Phil. 4:6) Then they alone will have to make a decision as to what their own children will do

  • jeanniebeanz

    Thank you, Blondie. I sometimes forget just how much damage this organization has done to peoples futures in the name of religion.

    On Mr. Obama's speech, my prior silliness aside, the speech in it's present form certainly does not offend me. I did have an objection to the original printed materials, but from what I understand, those materials are not going to be used in my son's school so, whatever.

    I think that Mr. Obama's advisors and PR reps have given him seriously bad information during this after-honeymoon period. They have also failed to take responsibility for their bad advise. Let's face it... his approval rating is in the tank and these bozo's come onto TV and call concerned Americans a 'mob' and other names instead of coming up with a clear-cut communication campaign to address their concerns. The result has been a flood of mistrust and irritation that made a segment of society feel like they had no say in their own government. This segment firmly believes that government is responsible to the people for it's actions, and these insult certainly did little to make them feel happy with the 'hope and change' that was taking place.

    It is a mistake to say that these people are all a bunch of uneducated rightwing nutjobs that blindly follow Fox News. The result of such an attitude is the dismissal of the opinions of a large segment of American society, a far larger segment of society than is normally thought to exist because most in this group are not very vocal. These folks are not likely to forget such an insult, and members of congress now realize that the result to themselves may be a sweep in 2010.

    Again, it is not HealthCare, the financial bailout, takeover of certain automakers or this silly address to the kids. What has people pissed off is the attitude toward an entire group of hard-working, concerned Americans that these people do whatever they want regardless of if their constituents want it or not and then when the constituents voice concerns they are insulted by their own elected officials rather than provided with solid information on why the action was necessary. I've already escaped a group that told me, TTrust me. I know whats good for you and you do not, so, shut up and do what I want."


  • undercover

    Conservatives were worried that Obama might try a little propaganda speech on their kids. Many threatened to keep their kids home so as to not have them indoctrinated against their principles and values.

    The White House publishes the revised(?) speech for all to see that it's not propaganda but about encouraging kids to stay in school, get their education, make something of themselves. They will be given examples of people who have done so against the odds.

    Now that this new(?) speech should be placating conservatives, does this mean that JW parents will be enticed to keep their kids home so as to not have their kids face the propaganda message of stay in school, get an education, make something of yourself?

  • FlyingHighNow
    Conservatives were worried that Obama might try a little propaganda speech on their kids. Many threatened to keep their kids home so as to not have them indoctrinated against their principles and values.

    HIs daughters are very happy, well adjusted children. The affection between Barack and his wife and children is very apparent. Very healthy. Very balanced.

    Journy On, I am talking about ficticious scare stories being fabricated just to try to throw a wrench into the gears of anything good Obama is trying to do. Death panels and scaring parents into thinking their children will be forever twisted if they listen to the president. This is craziness. My brother wrote to me and suggested I read George Orwell's 1984 to see what Obama has in store for us. Where did he hear such caca? From his pastor! This is SICK. Sick. This is a whole lot more frightening than Obama's policies.

  • FlyingHighNow

    From my right wing, fundamentalist brother. He's got my back, doncha know:

    " I guess the break down of the family unit is one step that communism uses to push its way into society. In socialist and communist countries the family is a threat to the state so its size and direction are strictly controlled by the state. All aspects of it are manipulated like school, healthcare, work, education and where even where you go. It micromanages the family. If you have not read George Orwell's "1984' I suggest you do it and you will see what Obama has in mind for all of us. I love you.

    Ev" I'm cringing.

  • BurnTheShips

    Was the speech changed after all the brouhaha?

  • jeanniebeanz

    In the absence of good information these types of rumors and stupidity will flourish. Where was Obama's response to these items? I'm sorry, but vacationing while the country was coming un-glued over his plan was not wise. Does he deserve a vacation? Well, DUH!! Of course, but he should have addressed these issues before he went. Listening to these pompous lawmakers on capitol hill get more and more frustrated in their response to the reversal in the polls, and stammer around trying to explain something that they couldn't because most of them had not even read HR3200 was like watching a train wreck. Politically, they said to America, "We don't like you anymore, and we're taking our ball and going home. You're too stupid to understand us celestial beings anyhow."

    To members of Congress; Look you Morons... It was Barack Obama that got elected and you guys just got pulled along on the tidal wave of his campaign. But you are not the president and it is the president that we want to hear from. He needs to explain it, and congress needs to get their attitude in check before they end up dragging him under the bus with them.


  • FlyingHighNow

    Yes, the part about joining Hitler's youth scouts was left out and that part where he said loyalty to parents means death. And the part where he told them God is dead. And the part where he says they must learn the goosestep march and how to draw swastikas. And let's not forget how he told them to use condoms and have abortions if the condoms fail.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Oh and cameras in your home, security that is, are a good thing, kiddies.

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