Jehovah Witness man Attacks TSA agent with machete in U.S airport- Made National news

by Newly Enlightened 17 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • jhine

    Clearly the fact of him being a JW was only mentioned to explain him.refusing "certain types of treatment " and the sad part is the bearded sky daddy has never said he couldn't have the "certain treatment "

    I wonder if the JW family were at the hospital telling him to refuse it .


  • kookie
    Poor guy after so long in the military, becomes a JW and nothing helped probably made him worse, be interesting when more comes out about him.
  • minimus
    The real question is...will they give him a memorial talk and will it be in the Kingdom Hall?

    He no doubt was tired of waiting for Big A so he was going to initiate it by chopping up a few "worldlies."


  • OnTheWayOut
    The real question is...will they give him a memorial talk and will it be in the Kingdom Hall?

    Actually, that is the real question. He snapped. His mental illness can be blamed. He was faithful to the blood doctrine, and we all know that's the real test when some JW is dying in the hospital.

    I don't know enough about this guy to say anything about his beliefs contributing to his illness or lack of treatment, but I do know enough about the religion to know that Watchtower would have hoped he took blood so they could kick him out. But he blew that for them.

  • Gayle

    JWs complain when one of their own does some atrocious crime, the media reports he is a JW, when if he was a Catholic, etc,, then media doesn't report that. JWs set this up upon themselves.

    JWs are the ones to boast they are the best people. They boast going to the public squares and peoples homes. They boast all other groups will soon be destroyed. These haughty boasters do not like their "sins" and weaknesses publicized.

    JWs say wait on Jehovah. Well, maybe God is screaming at them, he could use stones, but in reality, thousands of people are screaming, outraged @

  • Quarterback
    Yes, Gayle I agree. JW's have their own weird people.
  • flipper
    Yeah it really is amazing how crazy the reasoning was inside this person. It's like, " Yeah, I can chop someone's head off with a machete and commit murder, but I have to stay faithful to Jehovah if I get hurt and not receive a life saving blood transfusion. " Unbelievable. Insanity completely. Very sad

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