Jehovah Witness man Attacks TSA agent with machete in U.S airport- Made National news

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  • Newly Enlightened

    Was he manning a literature cart???


  • freddo

    Incredible ... the report says right at the end that Richard White was a Jehovah's Witness and he refused certain medical treatment (he was shot 2 or 3 times) and later died.

    So you are so mental that you can try and kill others but you are worried that God is going to be upset if you have certain medical treatment? (Blood obviously)

    It's a new level of crazy ...

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    I wonder if shunning plays a role in his mental illness. JW, crazy, and shunning ...basic elements for millions of

    bizarre but sadly true stories.

  • rebel8

    Yeah. My question: Which is crazier:

    A) you try to kill random strangers

    B) you refuse evidenced-based medical care because people wrote a book claiming an Invisible Bearded Sky Daddy doesn't like it


    Jehovah Witness man Attacks TSA agent with machete

    ................HE WOULDN`T TAKE MY MAGAZINES..

    ..............Image result for Businessman with machete


    Maybe he realized that more worldly people could be saved if he killed them before the GT???


  • Village Idiot
  • Quarterback
    That's just the problem with JW's. We are afraid to mention that we have some skeletons in our closet. I know of some people who will refuse Blood Transfusions, not participate in Holiday celebrations, and yet they will go to nightclubs, smoke and think that they are classified as JW's. They pick and choose whats on the menu but refuse to pay the check. Yet, people think that they are devout JW's because they refuse blood at the hosp. or, use the religious card. You got to admit, this news story would have no impact if they wrote that this guy was a catholic.
  • flipper
    Proof positive that there are crazy people in this cult - due to the fact the JW cult drives them crazy. But there are crazy people everywhere . But according to the story he had mental illness before his family said. Then if the family were JW's they should have gotten him help with a therapist or psychiatrist. When any of these people go ape shit it's usually due to the fact that their relatives, friends, or people who know them have dropped the ball in getting them help. Many of these sociopaths or psychopaths fall through the cracks because people are scared shitless and just ignore the problem. Then everybody gets surprised when 40 children are murdered in a school or 20 are murdered in theatres as has happened in recent years. We can blame the guy who is crazy of course- but blame our society for letting idiots like this roam free by ignoring the signs on the wall. My 2 cents

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