What do you think - are most ex-JWs atheist, agnostic, or still involved in some form of religion?

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  • Lillith26

    Good thread- I'd be an atheist my self only I still believe in higher power that is just beond my grasp of knowing. So I bacame a Deist- 95% humanist 4% philosopher and still 1% undesided and reserved for when I do know!

  • OnTheWayOut

    Bill Maher calls himself a Rationalist. I like that for myself. I want evidence to believe something.
    It's not really agnostic, it's much closer to atheism. If I don't feel like explaining that, I just say "atheist."

    The Bible is clearly the words of men, clearly has contridictions. The God of the OT was okay with slavery and genocide and the like. Genesis, in it's original Hebrew was not much different than any other mythology. It's clouded in translations and edits and has a Jewish/Christian slant to itself now.

    Learning from eastern thought, I don't have to prove I am right. Being "right" is JW. I don't have to be "right." I have room for my beliefs and for anyone elses. It helps me to have that attitude, not just to accept Christian ex-JW's, but also to accept any faith of others, especially the JW faith of my wife. I accept that it is still valid for her.

    I actually have stopped trying to show her that WTS is wrong. I just encourage her to think for herself in all situations.

  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    My experience with the JWs certainly destroyed my faith in the WTBTS - but not my faith in God. I am in no hurry to affiliate myself with any religious group of any kind - I do not think I need to - but maybe some day I will. I wonder, of all those who leave high control groups like the JWs, how many become non-believers - I suspect quite a high percentage. As long as people are happy in there life they can believe anything they want to believe - each to there own... Missing Link said - Atheism is the obvious "truth". How can this be true? Can you prove God does "not" exist? If not - its not an ""obvious"" truth....

  • LouBelle

    my personal opinion is that many go into other faiths, simply because they want to belong, to be identified for their personal reasons.

  • Borgia

    Me becoming an atheist was an unavoidable .... surrender to the obvious........



  • JustHuman14

    I will say 50-50...I'm of those who are religious and turn to Christianity...I have nothing against Organized religion as long it does not have any effect in my personal freedom and choice....

  • Piercingtheveil81

    I embraced Islam as my way of life and am a proud muslim.

    I am one of those persons that did not turn to christianity after leaving the witnesses. After a lot of reading and research I reached the conclusion that christianity was not a path that even Jesus intended. He came to establish the Torah to its proper place not to abolish it as Paul would have you believe (Matt 5:17-20). His message was one and the same as all the prophets before and after him including prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon all of them). I wanted to stick to the simple faith of Abraham (peace be upon him).

  • donny

    When I left the Watchtower, I decided to put every belief system I came across to teh same test and for me they all failed. I do not see any evidence of a supreme being who is active in the affairs of men. All I see are men who try to explain their understanding of this being and why everything seems to happen by random chance instead of being directed by this entity.


  • minimus

    I believe in God but am not "sure" of anything.

  • mindmelda

    Organized religion seems unnecessary to me now, although I'm not against churches who do good works, charity, education and such. Those seem to need organization to work.

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