What do you think - are most ex-JWs atheist, agnostic, or still involved in some form of religion?

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  • lifelong humanist
    lifelong humanist

    I DAd 6 years ago because, after a rational search came to the conclusion that there probably is no god. Shortly afterwards, I concluded that (for me) there is no god, which made me feel that I really was a natural-born humanist - a position that I'm entirely comfortable with. I know that many former JWs hold a similar, atheistic viewpoint. But, how about you? Are you still inclined to believe in a higher power, or are you sitting on the fence and think of yourself perhaps more as an agnostic? I reckon that many North Americans living in, or brought up in, the bible-belt probably tend towards belief in a god, but I'm curious, and would appreciate some comments from a cross-section of the posters here...

  • dudeson

    I came to the same conclusion you did. And here is a recent poll...


  • shamus100

    I've transformed from athiest to agnostic. And believe you me, I'm not looking.

    Most are either athiest or agnostic. Some find another Jesus, or whatever. I can't say it's wrong of them - we all have our crutches, no? I strongly believe some need Jesus. Better than crack.

  • mouthy

    I myself am a believer in a Creator. I look at all the created things & I KNOW
    There had to be a maker. I dont belong to any religion,But I do consider Jesus
    a Friend.From what He advised in the parts of scripture I have accepted .
    I personally feel even atheists have a faith,because It takes faith to
    believe it just came.I do not believe the Bible in its entity .I believe the worst of
    God's creation was man( o.k. woman too lol)And man added to scripture ,I also
    believe that man only wants power.....& most try to get it. And lots do get it..

    Now I must insist that you put those rocks down....Because I cant run away

  • flipper

    LIFELONG HUMANIST- I agree with the stance that most ex-JW's are agnostic or atheist . Many of us have been turned against organized religion of any sort due to much hypocrisy in ANY organized religion , including witnesses

  • cantleave

    Still undecided. I know that if there is a god you don't need a religion to please him. After 4 decades of wanting to believe in a creator I am now opening my mind to the possibility there there may not be. Do I sound confused? That's because I am.

  • MissingLink

    Atheist not because of JW experience, but because of open minded research on the topics of religion and science. Without being tricked or pressured into a religion, atheism is the obvious "truth".

  • theinfamousone

    after some long and hard soul searching, and confusion due to the upbringing i received as a dub, i have finally come to the realization that there is no god. for, if there was, how could he/she/it allow all the pain and suffering prevalent in our world?

    i finally allowed myself to let go of my ego and realize that this probably is it... if this is it, then let's enjoy the little time we have... let's enjoy each other... let's move on from our search for an invisible director, and finally allow ourselves to really be free...

    -the infamous one

  • Outaservice

    Count me a believer in Jesus being the Way, the Truth and the Life. He has answered countless prayers, and got me through a lot of 'deep, dark, valleys'. (Ps. 23)


  • chickpea

    i have settled, for the time being,
    to identify as a sentimental deist....

    heretofore i have always believed
    there was a god with an active interest
    in the comings and goings of his creation....

    now, after more education, and the
    advancing scientific thresholds to
    unlocking the origins of the universe....
    it is harder and harder to actually hold
    on to that concept of god...

    any attachment i have to the
    concept of a god is purely based
    on familiarity and sentimentality....

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