Jehovahs Witnesses: the only organization preaching the good news

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  • AgentSmith

    Nicely done! Jesus instructing the exact opposite what the JW's are saying, wow! I am sure I never read that scripture while I was still a JW.

    Thanks for that.

    Agent Smith

  • creativhoney

    mormons preach. and the bible didnt say put a monthly report in and get a sticker that says pioneer and if your naughty you get the other badge,

  • hamsterbait

    Take my litterature and become a Door to Bore Preacher like me or YOU WILL BE KILLED BY GOD.

    Isnt that Good News?


  • hamsterbait

    The NWT says "in private homes" everywhere else - except for the verse they say means preaching "house to house".

    Their proclaimed aim to translate a term uniformly is never actually followed.

    NArk - what would the koine be for "door to bore misery"?


  • hamsterbait


    Is Nathmedeah a real Scandinavian name or did you make it up for this board?

    It is so beautiful! I have never heard it before.


  • PSacramento

    RE: house to house,

    The greek word(s) used is Kat' oikov and they are the same words used in Acts chapter 2:46, 5:42 and 20:20, it means, bacially "according to homes/houses".

    The NWT translates them as house-to-house, which is correct, but translates acts 2:46 as "private homes" which is alos correct, but one shoudl question why they do 2 different translations of the same words in the same Book.

    Some translation translate them as prive homes or in your homes or house-to-house, all are correct because, within the contect of the verse and chapters it shows that the preaching ( or in the case of 2:46, the partking of bread) was done in the homes of the people in question.

    It doesn't mean going from one house to another house doing random preaching work because Acts clearly shows that is NOT the case, Acts shows the preaching was done in the synagouges or in public places or in the homes (home churches if you prefer) of converts.

  • jeanniebeanz

    JW Media Films,

    That was really excellent. Thank you for sharing!


  • jehovahsheep

    the biggest flaw in the wts good news is that jehovah is judging all of mankind in this is not gods time to fill the earth with the knowledge of jehovah.the jws have not even made an imprint on the world stage even though they are always promoting themselves.we are in the gospel age where the church is being the new world everyone will be given a trial and judgement including jws.this trial is a period of time to learn righteousness-and they will be judged upon that.

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