Ministerial servant mentions more "empty nester" JW couples getting divorced

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  • truthseeker


    That story is so sad. How could he do such a thing?

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies


    What did this guy do that is so terrible??? He was unhappy, he got a divorce. Its not his fault his first wife got cancer. Why are you blaming him???

    I'm sorry but I was married for 20 years and I was miserable most of the time. The only reason I stayed is because I was a JW and I knew divorce was "bad". Then one day I realized what a bunch of bs it was, and what an idiot I had been for wasting the best part of my life in an unhappy marriage.

    News flash: divorce is not a sin, staying in an unhappy marriage is not a virtue. Life is not a rehearsal, this it it.

    No Apologies

  • BluesBrother

    I knew 2 or 3 J W couples who split, re partnered, d/f'd then a quick reinstatement seems they played the system to their advantage.

    The WT printed once that reinstatement committees had to be aware of this and be sure of genuine repentance. But there was no way they could stop it happening.

    When I was young a simple separation was unheard of, but now it does certainly happen...Mind you , according to the belief, if you both survive Armageddon she would STILL be your wife....Is that a good idea?

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