anything exciting ever happened.....

by angel eyes 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • jookbeard

    any thoughts on my Bethel experience?

  • ninja

    I met borat once....he said...."it's great to meet you ninja"

  • cameo-d

    ninja: "I met borat once....he said...."it's great to meet you ninja" "

    Did he do the happy meeting you dance?

  • ninja

    here's the pic to prove it

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Borat....he so funny :) love the pic.....

    It's great hearing everyones nice exsperiences........are there any people you would love to meet??

    Id love to meet Debbie Harry....and La roux......

  • mrsjones5

    I didn't doubt you Ninja. Great pic

  • goonie37

    Hmmmm....lets see, I've met Carolina Herera (the designer) back when I used to model. We also met Travis Barker , the drumer from BLINK182. Melissa Gilbert from Little House on the Prarie. Both of those were at Disneyland in Anaheim , CA . My mom just did some business with Shayne Llamas , Lorenzo Llamas' daughter and got to meet her. We attended the Blockbuster Movie Awards about 7 years ago and got to "see" a bunch of stars sitting in front of us. That was fun. I don't have pics' . I'm not a very "star-struck" person. I don't really see the thrill of meeting someone you don't know in the first place.

    Oh, and I guess we are kinda related to Johnny Cash. Let's see...this is how: My sister in law's , step dad is part of the "Cash" family. His Dad is Johnny Cash's cousin. What does that make me to Johnny Cash?.....nothing, I'm sure. But , still , it's fun to say we have some sort of connection.

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