Do You Have "Contempt" For The Witnesses?

by minimus 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • stillajwexelder

    I have contempt for the GB and the assholes in charge - but not JWs in general

  • WuzLovesDubs

    The rank and file are only doing what the BLEEPS at the top tell them to do or they will lose their families. I guarantee that if the GB let loose the Pharasaical laws they set up prohibiting contact with EXJW family members, families would come flying back together like a released rubber band. If the GB said they didnt have to go out door to door any more...only a SMATTERING...a VERY small handful of JWs would continue to do that either. They dont do things because it has any basis or bearing in bible teachings. Its all the GB controlling their every move.

  • freedomisntfree

    Contempt is the perfect word for it I would rather the world just implode on itself then them turning out to be right (about armageddon paradise etc) becuase then it would just justify evrey awful thing theyve ever done.thats probably a little extremist but for now thats my standpoint

  • lifelong humanist
    lifelong humanist


    The ones that blindly follow the lead of the WTS are just totally misled, mind-controlled people - I feel compassion and fellow-feeling for their sorry, sad state. I count myself lucky to have DAd 6 years ago and relish my new-found freedom.

    As for the ones pulling the strings at the WTS, for those that know exactly what they're doing, I feel that they are 'criminals' and should be punished accordingly for their part in the willing deception of their misguided followers. I reserve judgement on all at the top, as some of these men might not be 'willing' workers, perhaps in the same sorry state as their unfortunate adherents...but I don't know the facts. Time will tell when the WTS fizzles out and those at the top have to find a real job in a totally secular society!

  • jam

    I have never met a person who said they feel contempt for a religious organization they at one time

    was a member.There are 19 major world religious which are subdivided in a total of 270 large

    religious groups and samaller ones..34,000 separate christian groups have been indentifed

    in the world..A majority of these are founded on Judaism. I am curious what percentage, lets

    say of the 19 world religions do ex-members feel such contempt toward a religion thay at

    one time was a member.I ask my self do I feel contempt when a suicede bomber kill innocent people

    do I hold the Islam faith responsible, no..We known they are extremist. Would one veiw the

    Isrelites extremist on their march too the promise land with all the plundering ,killing and the

    taking of land all in the name of God..So what Iam saying with extremist , those I have mention

    and JW, yes , too feel contempt for something so corrupt, and so evil would be appropriate.

    Someone miss the massage that Jesus was trying to convey "love"

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