Do You Have "Contempt" For The Witnesses?

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  • flipper

    MINIMUS- I don't have contempt for the rank and file members who are being misled by deceit and mind control. I have contempt towards the leaders of the WT society who control and manipulate the 7 million members. Including the corporate WT attorneys who I feel control the governing body


    Do You Have "Contempt" For The Witnesses?..

    I do. I totally feel disdain for the Organization. They suck.


    Jehovahs Witness`s and the WBT$..Are not one and the same..

    Do I have contempt for the WBT$?.....Absolutely..

    Do I have contempt for Jehovah`s Witness`s?.....It depends on the individual..


  • AGuest

    may you have peace!

    I do not have contempt for the non-leadership members as I was once one of the them, residing among them, teaching their doctrines and convinced that such were truth. To have contempt for them would be to have contempt for myself. They are "blind" and "lost" as I once was. But I was shown mercy, forgiven for my acts and heart, and set free. My prayer is that they, too, are forgiven, and all are set free, as I have been. Also, the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies, does not have contempt for them and so neither can those claiming to belong to Christ. How do we know? Because we know that Christ condemned none of the Jews of his day [in the flesh], although they were part of and supported a system of false worship. Rather, he felt pity for them... and even at the last asked forgiveness for them. Since a slave is not greater than his master, true christians are obligated to feel such pity, too.

    I do not have contempt for the leadership members because my Lord admonished us to love our enemies and pray for them, so that we can prove ourselves "perfect." This perfection has NOTHING to do with the flesh... or keeping the Old Covenant (i.e., Ten Commandments), but has everything to do with love. It is love that "perfects" us in God's eyes. Thus, love that surpasses the Law (vs. being concerned about transgressions against the Law)... including love of one's enemies... which love both God and Christ continually showed... is what perfects us... while we reside in the flesh.

    I totally abhor the institution, a modern-day "daughter" of Babylon the Great, because she wickedly precludes her members from partaking of the flesh and blood of Christ, which she does by teaching a FALSE doctrine - that no one should eat but those "of the 144,000." They do this by teaching a heinous blasphemy - that if one eats and drinks but is not of that "class" they do so "unworthily." This is LIE and blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. For the TRUTH is that all MUST must eat and drink... in order to receive life! ALL must eat and drink as no one has life within themselves but must receive such life from Christ, which they do BY eating (from the leaves of the Tree of Life, which he is)... and drinking (from the RockMass which he is). John 6:51-53

    Through her "fornication" with the "kings of the earth" (i.e., non-anointed "princes" who claim to have and so push and "earthly" hope, by means of which they, in essence, shut up the kingdom of the heavens before men - because they are not going in neither do they allow those on their way to go in), whom she helps puts to "death" all those who expose her... she is "drunk" on their blood. May JAH bring her to her end... and may He have mercy of those who are still taking part in and having a share with her when He does.

    A slave of Christ,




    Your just too sweet..You love everybody..Your as bad as Mouthy..LOL!!

    You dislike the WBT$ institution..Thats good..We got Jesus on our side,for sure now!..LOL!!

    I have contempt for the leaders also..But not you..

    Thats OK,because I have enough contempt for both of us..So it all works out!!


  • AGuest

    a compliment and honor to be compared with someone as kind and loving as Grace, my Dear Outlaw. May JAH find it in His heart to grant me at least half her wisdom, all of her long life, and enough love, through Christ, to "cover" your contempt - LOLOLOLOL!

    The greatest of love and peace to you, both!

    Shel (your servant and a slave of Christ)

  • ninja

    yeah!!!!!!!! for grace..........she is cool

    forward to 2099.......JWN.........mouthy post 1,000,043.............

    "yep.....I'm getting old and waiting for death........but I'm still telling the watchtower they are a bunch of assholes"

  • ninja

    woo hoo

  • ninja

    as the anointed partakers in 2099 is at 143, the new truth revealed there never were any "real" anointed before 2014

  • Finally-Free

    I don't know if the word 'contempt' quite covers it. Put it this way; I wouldn't trade Rocco's droppings to save any or all of their lives.


  • cattails

    I don't have contempt for all Witnesses.

    I have contempt for those who hold holier than thou attitudes.

    I have contempt for those who have loyalty to an ever changing and flip-flopping belief system controled by an oligarchical Governing Body.

    I have contempt for those shameless hypocrites in the Governing Body who approved of Mexican military draft evasion through bribing officials and condoned the persecution of Malawi believers to the point of torture, rape and mutilation. When I read C. of C. I was appalled at the pharisaic hypocrisy of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses and it sickens me to this day. They are definitely worthy of contempt!

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