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  • kurtbethel

    I got a bit confused about a galaxy, thinking it meant the solar system and collection of planets when I was about 4.


    But, instead of saying Prosecute, I said I wanted to prostitute so and so (which was a girl)

    The entire class laughed their ass of, I had no idea what I said.

    I lived a sheltered life.........Purps

    Did you make any money?


  • ferret

    My grandaughter actually though Buffalo wings came from the buffalo animal.

  • NeonMadman

    I thought that when the trees waved their branches, it made the wind blow.

  • ninja

    I once thought that women really were submissive to men.........oh how I laughed when I learnt the truth.....(well only when my wife allowed me to laugh)

  • AGuest

    As a very little child, I often heard folks call Brazil nuts by another [derogatory] term ("N-Toes") and so erroneously made the connection that the "things" in the bowl on the counter really were the dried/cured toes of some [dead?] men. Dark brown and shriveled, they grossed me out. Didn't eat one until I was about 8 or 9 and my father explained that they really were just nuts. Found out (thankfully) that I'm allergic to 'em, so I still don't eat 'em.


    SA on her own...

  • Farkel

    AGuest my awesome friend,

    :As a very little child, I often heard folks call Brazil nuts by another [derogatory] term ("N-Toes")

    My own Dad used to call them that when I was a boy, and he didn't have a racist bone in his body! He was drafted into WWII with a lifetime of Mormon prejudice drilled into him. He had never seen one of those "N" people in his entire life and was told by his own parents (who had never seen one either) they had horns and tails!

    Then he gets thrown into the soup of soldiers on various Navy Ships and found out the shocking truth: they DON'T have horns and tails. Some of his best friends during that war were the "N" people. He was never the same after that and cast off the bullshit his parents taught him. Unfortunately, my grandparents held their idiotic ideas 'til they died.

    He still called Brazil nuts "N' toes", though, but I can honestly say, it was a harmless expression from him.

    Farkel, who cannot be the least bit prejudiced on account of the fact that he hates everyone equally. There are no exceptions.

  • journey-on

    There used to be a kingdom song that started out: "Rejoice, rejoice, for God and Christ are reigning. Rejoice, rejoice...blah blah blablabla blah". Anyway, I thought it was a song praising Sister Joyce in our congregation and I always looked at her to see if she was smiling when we sang about her. (I was very very little.)

  • Priest73

    When I was younger I thought a publishing company was the road to salvations. I still get a laugh outta that one.

  • AGuest

    The greatest of love and peace to you, my dear brother ! I totally know where you're coming from, of course, and I didn't take offense at the term (heck "we" intend(ed) no harm when "we" use(d) it, either! ). Just the "reality" of what they were supposed to be (toes and, in my very young mind, maybe even of dead men), grossed me out. My dad was navy, too, and so you can guess I had seen quite a lot of men by the time I was, say, 5. And not all of 'em were "pretty" either, get my drift? And so when I thought of men's toes... and then dead men's toes... aaaaaccckkkkk!!! I guess my reasoning was that since my father and his friends had eaten such things as fried catepillars, ballou (a kind of rotten egg), and even monkey brains (he always told us about these when he came back from "overseas")... I figured what's a couple/few toes from time to time? I just knew I wasn't eatin' 'em (gag!).

    Anywho... peace to you!

    Your servant (yada), sister (yada), friend (yada, yada) and a slave of Christ (always) - LOLOL!


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