Dream interpreters?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I have had two dreams recently that were terrifying. Both involved babies.... dying!

    Dream #1

    I was carrying a basinet and walking down the steps of my home. Suddenly the basinet swung wildly and the baby went tumbling down the steps.

    Dream #2

    I awoke frantically looking all over the house for a baby. When I found him, he was like a big child, not a baby. His head was submerged in the bathtub and he was gone.

    Both these dreams were very realistic.

    Most of you already know I suppose. But here are the basics - I am mid 50's, married for 35 years, out of dubland for five years now. We raise our grandkids, abandoned by their mother at the birth of the youngest 5 years back. We are blue collar, easy going folks.

    Any ideas what these dream signify? I must head to bed - 0200 comes very early for work. I look forward to any thoughts when I arise.



  • bluecanary

    Babies are representative of new beginnings. Is there something you've just started or are about to start in your life? You are subconsiously worried that this endeavor is not going to turn out well.

    I had very similar dreams not long ago. I had a baby that kept getting smushed--beneath my body or under the couch cushions--and I was terrified it would be dead, but each time I pulled it out it was just fine. I have embarked on a new life and I keep worrying that things will go wrong but they surprise me by turning out all right.

    Address your fears for the future and your dreams will calm down.

  • journey-on

    Babies are also a sign for potential growth. Are you working on a new idea? Is it in its early stages of development? Do you feel you are losing a grip on it? Did it begin to grow, then die prematurely?

  • OnTheWayOut

    I ain't the expert but sometimes babies are not symbolic of anything, but just children. They could be your grown children or little children.
    My amateur opinion is that you feel the load of carrying your grandkids in some way and you feel that you will fail.

  • journey-on

    Along the lines of OTWO, maybe you feel like you can't carry this responsibility all the way. Maybe you have concerns about age, health, ability, etc. to see these babies all the way to maturity and you fear you will fail in some way.

  • mamochan13

    Dream interpretations are usually very personal, and usually have to do with something going on right now in your life. Think about what your current worries are, consider what your relationships with family members are like and what you fear and hope for them. The dreams could, as OTWO and journey-on suggest, represent concerns about your ability to see these children through to adulthood safely, and they could also represent your own self-doubt. Fear of loss might be a theme - perhaps ask yourself what you are afraid might happen to your grandkids. Are you feeling up to the responsibility? What about the theme of abandonment - do you worry that you might give everything to these children only to have them abandon you one day? Children do grow up and leave home. Is there some deep-seated worry that you raised your daughter and in spite of your best efforts, she abandoned her children - so you feel that you might likewise fail your grandchildren? Only you can answer these questions, and if you think about what you are feeling in the context of the dream it might start to make sense.

    I'd also try and find some solace in these dreams. You and your wife are taking on an incredible responsibility. Without you, these children would be truly lost (and maybe that's what the dream is about!). I applaud you. Also, remember - good parents bring up independent children who make their own decisions, both right and wrong. You aren't responsible for your daughter's decisions.

    I've always had intense dreams and it wasn't until going through my own struggle to sort my life out after leaving the JWs that I was fortunate enough to see a talented psychiatrist who taught me that I was privileged to have that kind of night time insight into my emotions - not everyone has graphic/realistic dreams. He taught me to write my dreams down and think about them, and I've since found that my dreams are powerful tools in understanding what is going on in my life below the surface.

  • palmtree67

    I think your dreams signify the great responsibility you feel toward your grandchildren.

    You feel responsible for keeping them safe and you worry about it.

    Because there is so much that is out of your control.

    But you will do fine, because you are AK-Jeff, one of the wisest posters here.

    They are lucky kids to have you,

  • purplesofa

    Maybe it has something to do with your wifes recent employment, has it disrupted the household in anyway?


  • WhereWasI

    I have a different take. I must qualify that I really do not know what I'm talking about.

    However, I heard that the main person in the dream is actually yourself. Maybe you are the baby as represented in the dream.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Wow. Neat thoughts and ideas.

    I don't worry, at least as a general rule. Not the sort. But perhaps I deal with it under the surface more than I realize. I do deeply love these children, and of course we raise them like they were our own [what choice eh?], but I am not aware of worrying about anything specific. I suppose there is an overall awareness that we don't have the resourses to put them through college, and in fact will be well into our 60's when they are ready. They will have to 'work their way through'. Or the obvious personal concerns, though our health is relatively good at this point, that one of us could have issues that would impact them having a secure home.

    Yep, wifey has a new job. THat might play in here. Or the general ecomony and it's effects?

    Thanx for all the well thought out ideas. I shall read them back over again this evening. No bad dreams last night.



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