Religion is a snare and a racket? Who knew?

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  • stillin
    JW's are definitely recognized as one of the world's religions now. Ask any Witness what religion he is and he will tell you.
  • Heaven

    gone for good said: a day ago

    Heaven -

    so your Mom was ok with their deliberate move from just being ''imitating wannabees'' to a flully formed, legally recognised ''snare and racket'' of their own manufacture?

    Hey gone, I am not sure my Mom was ok with them declaring themselves as a religion due to their previous assertions that they were NOT a religion and therefore no part of 'Christendom'.

    My Mom was very clear that JWs were a sect and NOT a religion. This was pre-1973 (before I was 10 years old). I believe I was questioning the JW stance that they weren't a religion. It looked and sounded like one to me.

    Once Watchtower declared themselves a religion, my Mom said nothing. Neither did I as I was not one to introduce JWs and their crap as subject matter for discussion very often. I honestly think that my parents had their doubts but clung to the hope that their doubts were unfounded as many older JWs do.

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