Religion is a snare and a racket? Who knew?

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  • Slave4_38y
  • prologos
    not just a snare drum, but a real imprisoning snare, trap, to exploit.
  • Heaven

    As prologos said, the snare is a reference to a trap such as this:

  • Heaven

    The 'racket' part is a reference to something shady or illegal. As in:

    Racket (crime), a systematised element of organized crime

  • Fernando
  • stillin
    Slave, I never looked at it that way! I wonder if that was what they were thinking?
  • Fernando

    Few if any JWs know that Rutherford always referred to ALL religion as being bad (from the Devil).

    The concept of a "true religion" was a later invention (scam) by Watchtower Lawyer and Vice President Hayden C Covington (in the early 1950's).

    It was a detailed and "brilliant" scam which has completely blindsided the entire mighty US legal system down to this day...

  • Slave4_38y

    Damn, I'm sure glad we could clear this up. All along I thought they meant a percussion instrument and a ball manipulation device (sounds more or less like my ex wife).

  • Heaven

    Back when Rutherfraud said this, JWs were considered a 'sect' and not a 'religion'.

    My Mom was crystal clear with me on this fact.

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Heaven -

    so your Mom was ok with their deliberate move from just being ''imitating wannabees'' to a flully formed, legally recognised ''snare and racket'' of their own manufacture?

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