Getting Offended: A Method of Control

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  • startingovernow

    Well, following the counsel to not do anything that might "stumble" others sure kept me controlled for too many years. I remember shortly after baptism when I saw the inconsistencies between all that I had been told that a JW was (and all the changes I would have to make to be approved by God) and what people who were raised in the religion were doing, when I spoke up, I was told that I was only offended because I was "so new." Should have ran right then.

    Scully's right. JWs are not supposed to offend others, but whenever I was stumbled (and I'm talking serious offenses - the kind most people (non-JWs) would see as hypocritical and a unhealthy environment to keep oneself in) I was always given the whole "everyone is imperfect" and "don't let what others do effect your relationship with Jehovah" crap.

  • BurnTheShips

    Canary, this was a congregation in Southwest Florida in which I spent a year after leaving Bethe l-

    Southwest Florida?

    Hmmm. Could it be that we've met?


  • daniel-p

    burns, check your pm

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