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  • Cthulhu

    Alright, Ive posted on here a couple of times, but let me tell you a little bit more about myself. I have been doubting for some time, and fading for some time. I've not been to a meeting for some months. Presently I live with another faded JW and one of my family members. Thius morning he sends me a text message to the affect of "oh yeah, my mother asked me about your tattoo. better play your cards right or they'll probably disfellowship ya." Can they disfellowship someone for having gotten a tattoo? Granted, its not the most "Christian" looking thing in the world, and for good reason, but is it their policy to actually disfellowship for that? I've looked in an online copy of the elders manual and there is nothing in the index about "tattoos" or "body modifications." Just wondering if anyone knows. Thanks

  • ninja

    just say casually....."yes.....I got a picture of charles taze russell on my todger......and every time I pee I remember fondly our beloved founder and the

    golden life giving waters he provided"

  • babygirl75

    Unless there's been "new light" it was a conscience matter.

    Ninja....nice! lol

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    I actually spoke to an elder about this a couple of months ago,I know it says in the scriptures that we shouldnt have carvings..but the elder told me that no we wouldnt be DF for it... I was completely shocked,I asked why not and said well what if someone didnt care and continued to have many many and brothers and sisters within the cong could clearly see them,he said we would see that one as bad association and that there would be an item on tattoo's.The individual would be lovingly spoken to and guided by the principle that we should be christlike.

    Hope thats helped....

  • undercover
    I've not been to a meeting for some months.

    Don't go'll only bring attention to you.

    If you remain away from the hall and you don't socialize with too many active JWs, you're probably off the radar. Just because somebody's mom asked about you, doesn't mean the elders are on a witch hunt.

    I don't remember if tattoos are a DFing offense or not. They are counseled against.

    Every congregation, every body of elders is a bit different. It's been my experience and observation that most elders are too busy keeping up with the going ons of the active to worry about what an inactive person is up to, especially in regards as to something as mundane as a tattoo. But every once in a while you get an elder with a corncob up his butt who has to try to make an example out of someone he's taken a disliking to. Just keep your eyes open, avoid too much contact with active dubs and you should be fine.

    If on the odd chance, the elders get nosy and want to meet with you, just decline their invitation. You owe them no explanations. The only authority they have is what you allow them to have.

    Good luck...

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Who knows what they might pull. Isn't there a scripture given to the Isrealites talking about not tatooing yourself? I remember reading it once. They love comparing themselves to the Mosaic law and acting like it still is in full effect...they could pull that out of their hat if they got desperate I suppose.

    But then, they could also try to disfellowship for marrying outside the organisation. I always anticipated that would soon be added to the list of offenses.

  • cantleave

    No you cannot get DF'd for having a tatoo.

  • cantleave

    No you cannot get DF'd for having a tatoo.

  • feenx

    wow....this is all news to me. Did this recently change? I could've swore before I got the boot that it was considered body mutilation and hence a disfellowshipable offense. I even remember WT articles about how it was a growing fad but that like any other fad it would fade away and not only does it detract from christlike appearance but it scars your body for life. Which I always thought was absolutely retarded because all anyone has to do is pick up a history book and it's plainly clear that for ages people of all walks of life and cultures have been decorating their bodies. BUT I digress. So can't get DF'd for that. I gotta do something else that will be a clear marker I can't ever go back. Maybe I'll get some ink on my forehead that says "The snake was right, eat the apple" or something, lol

  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    So let me get this straight. Lev 19:27 says that you should not cut off your beard, but the JWs say you can't have one. Then the next verse, 28, says not to get tatoos, but the JWs allow it. Is that just about right?

    Talk about ass-backwards.


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