October 2009 Kingdom Ministry

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  • MissingLink

    Download here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/m28m78

    Scans provided by Ingersoll. This is for Canada.

  • insearchoftruth

    So just over a one percent increase in memorial attendance....and that is using 'approximately' 2,000 as the increase number.....

  • leavingwt

    Publishers won't get a yearly Theocratic Ministry School schedule anymore.

    The congregation will get one copy and post it on the board.

    Sounds like they're going to put the kibosh on brothers printing/binding the entire year's source material.

    CONTROL, baby.


  • leavingwt

    Here is the actual text of the announcement, from Page 4.

    "The yearly Theocratic Ministry School Schedule will no longer be provided as an insert in Our Kingdom Ministry. Instead, each congregation will receive the yearly schedule, and one copy of the schedule should be posted on the information board at the Kingdom Hall. Another copy will be retained by the school overseer for his use in making assignments. Publishers will continue to receive their personal copy of Our Kingdom Ministry each month, and it will show the schedule for the weekly Congregation Bible Study, the Theocratic Ministry School, and the Service Meeting."

    Does WT not know that Information Wants to Be Free? This schedule will LEAK into the wild and every publisher who wants a copy will have a copy. How hard is it to take something down from the board an slap it onto a scanner or copier?

    Apostate Assignment #1: Get this schedule into PDF and onto the Internet?

  • jeanniebeanz

    It's funny reading that document. I've been gone for almost 16 years now, and yet, that could have been published back then or even in the '70's for that matter. It seems like they are stuck in their own little bubble still... no real response to current issues... same old childish reasoning patterns encouraged... same old circular arguments... same vague, factless 'true stories'...

    It's amazing, really.

    The bit on teaching how to 'research'... I remember the last time it was addressed there was an 'approved' list of publications that witnesses should use for research, which really isn't research at all, but, whatever.

    The WTS society approach to allowing witnesses to really research outside this approved list reminds me of Baghdad Bob. Remember him? About a day before troops rolled into Baghdad he was on TV saying, 'There are no troops in Iraq.' I can see the Gooberning Body saying to the 'faithful', "There is no good information outside of the approved books we tell you to use! There is no good Internet information... it's all lies and apostates!! Do not look behind the curtain!!!"



  • undercover

    Under Are You Ready for Informal Witnessing, paragraph 2:

    Dress and Grooming: Proper attention to our dress and grooming at all times will allow us to share our faith freely with others (1 Tim. 2:9.10) If we feel uncomfortable about our appearance, we will likely hold back from giving a witness. In contrast, our neat, clean appearance may in itself arouse curiousity. For example, while traveling, a well-dressed Witness couple were seated next to a Muslim man. Noticing their appearance, the man asked if they were Christians. This led to a three-hour Bible discussion.

    This parapraph irked me for some reason. I think partly it's the control factor. Witnesses should be well-dressed at all times in order to well represent the organization. The underlying message is, "you work for us at all times, even on vacation. You will adhere to the corporate dress code at all times and all occasions."

    The other part was the so-called experience. A Muslim assumes that because they're well-dressed, their Christians? My guess would be because they're dressed as Westerners, it's a safe bet that they would consider themselves Christian. Actually in the case of this Witness couple, he assumed wrong. Unless the couple are of the annointed, then technically (under their own doctrine) they are not Christians. But I'm sure they didn't understand that themselves so they proceeded to fuck up this Muslim's idea of Christianity for the next three hours.

  • leavingwt


    It is indeed a control factor.

    It is very effective for cult leadership to define types of clothing that are "unacceptable". This makes it easier to spot "weak" members of the cult, so they can be targeted for special "assistance". Going against the prescribed dress code is a warning to the handlers that a member might be trying to think for themselves. It's a Red Alert.


  • Trevor Scott
    Trevor Scott

    MissingLink: Thanks for posting.

  • leavingwt


  • OnTheWayOut


    An opportunity for WTS to tell you how to dress on your own time and how to keep the doctrine in conversations with others to either keep yourself believing it or to mark you as a weirdo to "worldly" people in your life and isolate you from them.


    Yes, nothing like telemarketing. Let's face it- this is just a way for pioneers to get time without "placements." If you do get a good conversation, you have to get the literature to the person either in the mail (at your cost) or drive there (at your cost) and catch them at home. WTS knows that, statistically, hardly anyone will want the literature even if it is "free of charge." They just want those members feeling important about the distribution work.

    Memorial attendance in Canada up 'approximately' 2000 this year. They are loading people with good numbers and I suspect this is because the number of partakers is up again. We'll soon see (if they continue to publish the numbers).

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