Why is it that JWs can toss around insults like "Worldly" when talking about non-JWs? (Fiancee got offended).

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  • willyloman

    Billy makes a good point, but it's still an insult of sorts. Another derogatory JW term is "fleshly," as in "she's my fleshly sister" when referring to your sibling who's not a dub.

  • Farkel


    :One of my favorite apostates, Kent Steinhaug, liked to use the term "braindead morons" to describe certain JWs.

    Kent is also one of my favorite apostates, but I think Kent got the term from Alan Feuerbacher, another of my favorite apostates.

    Or was it vice versa? It's a chicken/egg sorta thing.

    This brainded moron can't remember!


  • Farkel


    Good question, but a broader question would be, "why is it that JWs scream like stuck pigs whenever other people use the same tactics on JWs as they use on others?"

    Why do they scream that other religions are the whore that rides the wild beast when they strapped on a condom and did the same thing?

    Why do they get upset that we call them "braindead moronic idiots when they call us "satanic?"

    Why do tell us we are obligated to thoroughly evaluate our own religion when they are not allowed to do the same thing?

    There are lots and lots of more examples like this, so I guess the real question would be, "why are they such shameless hypocrites?"


  • SnakesInTheTower


    Hit IGNORE!


    Why not just subscribe to Call Control or Call Block and put her number in?

    on both counts, if I would have recognized her cell number, I wouldhave hit IGNORE (which I have on my cell)...since actually ignoring her voice mail did not work. sigh.....

    Because I have customers for my job calling me and I often get phone numbers I do not recognize, I do not have the luxury of ignoring all the calls, especially on days I work. I thought about programming Sister Naive's name/number in my cell directory so it would pop her name instead of just a number, but I cleared out almost all of the JW phone numbers from my directory.

    Instead, I think I shall finish growing myself a spine and express it more succinctly if she calls back: "On the last phone call, you called my fiancee 'worldly'...that is offensive....do not call here again." ...and hang up. How's that?

    Snakes (Rich )

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Snakes - I've found that JWs disregard the feelings of 'Worldly' people because as their persecutors they must be insensitive. Is Sister Naive miffed about the Congregation losing a 'marriageable brother' ? - there are never enough to go around anyway, lol. Best wishes and congratulations to you and the future Mrs Snakes.

  • Jim_TX


    You're handling the situation just fine. Kudos. And congrats on finding such a fine woman.

    As for the 'worldly' comment... I just chuckle. Is that similar to the Amish who call any non-Amish 'English'? hahahaha


    Jim TX

    (P.S. I'm not making light of the issue - I'm just adding humor - or trying to - to the situation.)

  • blondie

    Snakes, handling calls you don't recognize:

    Snakes: Hello (hears voice of person he does not want to talk to)

    Person: Hi Snakes

    Snakes: Hello, hello, is someone there. Speak up please....must be one of those computer-generated calls. (then hang up)

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