CO/DF'ing Rumor Rationale

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  • sir82
    the new elders hand book due out very soon.


    Seriously, or just speculation?

  • AllTimeJeff

    The new elders book has been in pre production for years. Hold ups are totally of a legal nature. The Legal Dept gets to review that. It would really surprise me if the new one is as detailed as the older ones. In fact, I recollect having seen an older one from 79 (they used to be in brochure form before that book came out) and it had more, not less info in it.

    I think for legal reasons, it will be as vague as possible on judicial matters, while really going into detail all that is expected activity wise of an elder.

  • ldrnomo

    So if there is a new elder's book coming out, sounds like the wisest thing the lawyers could do is make them print a book with blank pages and have the elders write everything down in it.

    The CO's could transmit the information verbally during each visit.

    Gentlemen, get out your pens


  • cantleave

    The book is due in 2010. It is only reason I don't want to resign. I want to be the first to publish it on the internet

  • cantleave
  • Alana

    I wouldn't be a bit surprised that when the the WTS is on its last legs, the miserable old isolated cynics in Brooklyn will say, "Let them eat cake."


    Of course, if they do fold up or are "attacked by Satan" by lawsuits or accusations, the rank and file will no doubt start saying that it IS the Truth and that the End is near, as they have been taught that before the End, that governments would turn against religion including JW's and that would be the time that God would step in.

    So, in the twisted thinking of JW's.....if none of this happens, then it is a sign that the WTS is being blessed. And, if these bad things happen, then that is a sign that the WTS is right and being persecuted for it. Either way, in their singular sight, the WTS is always right! (Makes me shake my head)

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    The book is due in 2010. It is only reason I don't want to resign. I want to be the first to publish it on the internet

    Sweet. Cool 2

    Metatron, I agree with much of what you say. I still think the CO thing is in the works, I also fully expect them to stop the reporting of hours by publishers to lessen legal responsibilty.

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