CO/DF'ing Rumor Rationale

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  • metatron

    In the past year, there have been many rumors about changes in the CO arrangement as well as disfellowshipping. I think that there is a solid legal rationale for these proposed changes that relates strongly to these two areas.

    It's called 'Deep Pockets' and the Chain of Command.

    Consider the fact that elders are appointed by the Watchtower Society and have the power to expel members from the entire organization. This is very different from the first Century during which you could be tossed out of one synagogue/church but accepted somewhere else.

    The elders send out records of each disfellowshipping to Headquarters attesting to the fact that the organization is strongly centralized. If they run into any question or trouble, they are ordered to call the Watchtower for instructions: more evidence of central command. Elders are commanded in Kingdom Ministry School to strictly avoid a specified list of 'things never to write' on a disfellowshipping form. These instructions are to be written by hand in each Elder's Manual so that the Society can avoid any printed evidence. This subterfuge manifests that they are afraid of legal liability in regard to disfellowshipping.

    Likewise with the Circuit Overseer arrangement, they are utterly centralized in command. There is a strict pecking order, a chain of command, a hierarchy no different from the Catholic Church ( in legal terms).

    Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses are in no way autonomous. Let's throw in the fact that congregations may be owned by the Watchtower Society, at least as a 'bank' that holds the loan. This could also be why they want to end the loans for Kingdom Halls, besides the lack of contributions.

    Under the First Amendment and separation of church and state, they have no problem with disfellowshipping itself but that doesn't mean it can't be chipped away by charges of slander or using the threat of df'ing to conceal crime ( like child molesting). It also makes elders the local unpaid agents of the Watchtower Society in enforcement! Let's add the loss of hiding behind a clerical privilege in recent court cases. They can't be so stupid as to think that all elders will eagerly 'fall on their own sword' when compelled to testify in court.

    Put yourself in their shoes for a second: Knowing what you know about 'window-washer', 'cheese-cracker men' elders and their loss in both numbers and quality over past few years, would you feel secure about the organization avoiding legal trouble?

    They have a real problem. They cannot survive a 'Catholic-level' set of successful lawsuits but they are stuck with a chain of command hierarchy that creates a deep pocket opportunity for lawyers to cash in! Unless they change, this scenario will happen eventually.

    So far, the sheer greediness of the Governing Body has prevented reform of this chain of command problem - in that their lust for power and control over others has stopped them from loosening their grip.

    Will they wake up and address this situation? Or just be satisfied with trying to deceive authorities with 'voluntary dissassociation' and other transparent deceptions?

    We will see....


  • yknot


    We finally have a majority of GB that acknowledge to themselves the utter amount of bullsh*t within the interpretations and policies. They also understand they need the R&F donating and converting in order to continue living as they feel they are entitled after decades of dedicated service climbing the WTS ladder. Many will still be breathing when 2034/35 passes too, so with mounting European demands the time to change is ripe.

    ...... I mean come-on what else are they gonna do? Watch the WTS slowly become financially desolate within their lifetime, leaving them destitute after contributing little to social security? Power is a strong appeal but I think maintaining lifestyle (read money) is a stronger motivation.

    But of course I could be wrong.......

  • flipper

    METATRON- I always like your intelligent, well thought out threads. You are one guy I always read !

    I agree with you that the stubborness of the GB might come back to haunt them in the end - as they are so concerned about power and control over the elders and rank and file members . That being said I think that power and control is being tempered by their legal department now as you mentioned because they can ill afford ANY lawsuits the size that the Catholic church experienced - so true.

    I feel the WT society has become SO LEGALISTIC- that ANY moves and decisions they make are going to mainly be based on legal liabilities involved so as to save $$$$$ . I mean- look how they showed the door to hundreds of Bethelites the last few years . Dollar signs and legal liability had everything to do with those moves. I am of the mind and opinion anymore - that the GB is NOT running the show- but they are taking instructions and cues from the WT legal corporate lawyers. Just my opinion. It's a business - and a business only anymore

  • ldrnomo

    Good point metatron:

    As many elder schools as I went to and it never really dawned on me that the reason I was doing all that writing was so the bORG could distant themselves from the elders. Just another example of the manipulation of it's members.

    PS: I hated those schools and couldn't wait to leave each evening as soon as it was over.


  • Farkel

    I wouldn't be a bit surprised that when the the WTS is on its last legs, the miserable old isolated cynics in Brooklyn will say, "Let them eat cake."


  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I do believe the younger guys are more pragmatic and will be more likely to take the advice of legal. Much will depend on who is appointed to the GB over the next 2 years or so.

    LD - Its funny but I actually DID think that the reason they were making me write so many notes in my Flock book was to avoid liability. I recall one CO that was organized enough to give all the new elders in his circuit a written note that showed where to make notes in the Flock book. He got in HUGE trouble from his DO and Bethel for that move! It's one of those moments that you file away but always remember.

    Ultimately, any moves they make are inspired by 1) money or 2) legal liabilty which really means money.

    I really think they are going to try to find a way to institue tithing. That would help resolve their financial issues at least in the short term.

  • passwordprotected

    Great post. There's no doubt in my mind that the WTS is on the cusp of major change and reform. It's going to be interesting to watch it pan out.

  • sir82

    I imagine the Legal Dept. has been aware of this for quite some time, but as you noted, the lustful-for-power GB members, or at least the Service Dept., is fighting them tooth and nail.

    I can just picture old Ted J. or some other gerontocrat sputtering " says in Isaiah that no weapon fromed against us will succeed! We shouldn't change anything!" While the lawyers roll their eyes, or shake their heads sadly.

  • WTWizard

    I would like to see them go belly up, with donations going toward zero despite repeated houndings. If they have to use candles or flashlights to run the Kingdumb Hell, so what? (And no, they can not borrow any of my flashlights). So it is 140 o in the building without air conditioning or windows that open? So what? Or, if it gets down to -50 o because they can't afford heat, that's not my problem (and I hope the water pipes all freeze). And, if the Kingdumb Hell gets foreclosed, it will be one less place for those cockroach witlesses to meet.

    What I hope they do is say something wrong that will get them in legal, not just financial, trouble before I get dragged into the Value Destroyer Training School and they can create their own laws. If they get in legal trouble, it will make that much extra work for them to plunge the whole world into the Second Dark Ages--as well as to even get recognized in many countries that are cracking down on cults that are not upfront with the way they recruit members.

  • cantleave

    It will be interesting to see how many of my hand written notes will appear in the new elders hand book due out very soon.

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