Elder doesn't remember being on judicial committee with my wife

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  • BluesBrother
    explaining there had been a lot of other things going on in the congregation recently.

    There must be an awful lot of Judicial Activity going on with that congregation if he cannot remember her committee meeting... It shows how little he has thought about her.

    As an ex elder who sat on loads of these things, I have to say that there is no excuse for his lack of interest. I could always remember things like that, even if I forgot some of the paperwork and stuff..{unless of course he is unwell and taking something with side effects?)

  • booby

    I have to say that I have to agree that this is just not justifiable. Unless the congregation is going to hell in a handbasket, there just can't be that many judicial meetings going on. If there are so few elders that one elder is on every one of them, again something strange. And yes it can be hard for elders to win, and yes they can have alot on their plate. But again, and yes I have bin there, this is just not justifiable. If the guy is that senile that he just can't remember, why is he an elder, at least one used in this way?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    You guys are all too critical of the elders. They have so many things to do; tape Desperate Housewives, cheat on their taxes, make up talks on things they don't know anything about, meet with other elders for sessions where they belittle the flock to each other and brag of their achievements and last but not least.... determine who will be the one to give the memorial talk. So unselfish and you guys talk like Korah.... Sheesh. W.Once

  • Butterflyleia85

    That is to to funny! my elders forgot all my letters I wrote to the society for reinstatment during one meeting!! I thought to myself... why bother?! Grrr... it's hard being humble at times!!


    We have some smart X elders here..

    How many of the elders you worked with,were all that intellegent??..

    Not many I`ll bet..

    Most did`nt even measure up to average intelligence in my experience..

    Pony Pony Carrots Carrots ..

    Most were just Donkeys following the carrot on the stick..


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I think the key here is how long it has been since the JC.

    Presumably not that long ago and therefore, it's pretty lame that he can't even remember whether he was there or not.

    OTOH, if many years have gone by, it's a small BOE and he's been on a zillion JC's since, well then it's more understandable.

    My Dad once told me that he tries to have selective amnesia so he doesn't get too depressed about how many faces in the audience have been in the back room for JCs over the many decades he's been an elder.

    But yeah, OUTLAW's assessment is probably the accurate one here.


  • Roski

    A friend of mine was on restrictions at one time. A year went by with no word from the elders (they had told her they would monitor her progress and get back to her). When she finally went and asked them - they had all forgotten about it. They were all a bit old so maybe that was the problem.

  • mkr32208

    No, this doesn't surprise me. I think most people who remain witnesses do it by repressing all memories of what happened yesterday... That's how they get around changing doctrine losing friends and family, all of that crap. They literally have a memory of no more than a month maybe two. If you ask them what came out at the last assembly they don't even remember the theme of it. That's how they remain in, it's a conscious effort to forget what just happened and stay focused on 'the future.'

    Of course there is also the fact that they truly do not give a flying shit about you. When I denied I was ever baptized one of the elders who went around trying to get two witnesses who would swear that I was baptized, was in fact the idiot who had performed the baptism (the actual dipping part!) Yet even though we were friends at the time he had no recollection of it. If he remembered me then it would cause him to have feelings and he doesn't want that at any cost so he has completely wiped me and the situation out of his memory. I don't think he remembers me at all. That is how they survive that is how they remain in and that is why they are so uncomfortable when they see one of us.

    It forces them to remember us and that is the LAST thing they want...

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