Elder doesn't remember being on judicial committee with my wife

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  • blondie

    I remember a sister that had been privately reproved and put on restrictions, no commenting, no theocratic school. Lo and behold only 3 months after the event, she was handed a talk slip for the next week with her name on it. She wondered if the restrictions hand been lifted, and if so why no one had told her. She approached the school overseer since he had been on the committee. He looked bewildered, he forgot she had been on restrictions. He and the other 2 elders had a quick 2 minute meeting and told her she was off restrictions. She learned something about the special caring the shepherds have for the sheep that day.

  • startingovernow

    So much for caring enough about her everlasting life! I thought it was bad when the WT conductor would always greet me as "Sister" - Not even including my last name. I was way too patient, because it was obvious that he did not remember my first name and didn't care enough to make sure he learned it. But then, I was just in need of some "encouragment" at the time, not in a judicial committee! Really, if the holy spirit was really with these men, I'd think the very least they could do was remember being on her committee.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I remember being on restriction more than once. On one occasion I was basically told I was off when I showed up for FS and the PO's wife informed me I was off restriction. My response? "Whatever". I sat in the back of the hall and let others deal with it

  • lepermessiah

    She should start commenting and then mention that she didnt remember being on restrictions!

  • TheOldHippie

    "Wouldn't you agree that to be told by an elder, to your face, that he just doesn't remember causing you one of (very likely) the most painful & humiliating emotional issues you've ever faced in your whole life, would be highly upsetting?"

    I've been there, so yes I would. I didn't want to upset anybody, if I did, then I am sorry - but since I am bashed and upset just about 27 times a day here, I just HAVE to respond occationally. OK, I'm sorry.

  • TheOldHippie

    She should start commenting and then mention that she didnt remember being on restrictions!

    Now THAT was a funny one!

  • quietlyleaving

    elders have to constantly remind one another about important issues. These guys have a lot of pressure to deal with in the congo, plus their jobs families etc

  • JWoods

    If she had been able to describe more lurid and creative sexual details during her "committee meeting", I am sure that he would have remembered...

  • shadow

    I can easily picture myself being like that elder. I have a natural tendency to be forgetful about a lot of things, even in my own life. Also, while I was one I was dealing with the abuse of my own child.

    Elders can't win. Some really are no good but many are. If he remembered, there would be complaints that they never forget what someone has done wrong. If he forgets, then he just doesn't care.

    Very much like threads about visiting disfellowshipped. If they come, they're bad because they won't leave you alone. If they don't come it proves that they don't care.

  • dorayakii

    When I was "on restrictions" I was told I still had to do field service.

    Shadow, even though I wouldn't expect the elder to have remembered the exact details of the judicial commitee it would have been normal for him to have remembered being there at all!... There are lots of people who have jobs that require remembering simple bits of information and the results can be disastrous if you don't pay attention. One cannot be distracted by other things. A judicial commitee is an important matter, more important than field service, building new kingdom Halls, studies or pioneers as it involves caring for the "one sheep which has strayed". It is especially to be condemned since the elders claim to be led by the spirit of God. I could understand not remembering the other elders who were there, but not even remembering that he was there?? There are only between 60 and 120 people in the congregation, and most of them haven't even had a judicial commitee. There is no excuse...

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