Today show mentions Garrido's wife was JW

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    Whatever the "JW connection" turns out to be for these two human turds, one thing's for certain: The dub organization tends to attracts these kinds of whack jobs and misfits. So it would not surprise me if one or both of them became involved with Witnesses at some point in their lives.

    It would also not surprise me to learn that his religious theories have their root in some WT publication or doctrine. I mean, look at the pattern: He printed up religious brochures; he applied to do "street work" on the UC campus; he was quick to "give a witness" whether anyone wanted to hear it or not. Next we'll hear he was going door to door!

    As this gets more public exposure the dubs will be quick to point out that the Garrindos were not "real" dubs and were just passing through.

  • skeeter1

    Yes, I've said all along that they were likely both JWs. Garridos would have had a nice haven inside the congregation, and full of innocent children and unsuspecting families. I fear that there are more victims inside the Kingdom Hall.

    This is the tip of the iceberg.

    Garrido's ex-wife gave an interview. She thought he was sterile as she didn't get pregnant during their three years of heavy sex he initiated. News also says Ms. Dugard's first pregnancy's conception occurred about the time Garrido went to jail on parole violation for possessing marijuana. Neighbors reported large "all male parties" in the backyard. So, I have some doubt that Garrido was the father of the two children. I "bet" he held "gang-bang" parties with his friends, his wife hosted, and terrible things were done to Miss Dugard by many more people than just Mr. & Mrs. Garrido.

    Can we give Mr. & Mrs. Garrido over to Dick Cheney?


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    I wonder if the letter he sent to the FBI is somewhere on the net.

  • watson
    Bring back the guillotine, and off with this guy's head already!

    Take the little one off first...

  • flipper

    One common denominator I've noticed the last several years is most ALL of these child abduction/ rape cases involve a child abuser who claims to have gotten " religion " and become " spiritual " - allegedly. We had a case in Northern California this spring where an adult female Baptist Sunday school teacher raped a young girl who lived in her mobil home park and threw her body out in an irrigation pond in a suitcase. This stuff just sickens me.

    And the reason so many of these a$$holes get away with these abuses is that everybody is so bat $hit stupid who are involved in these peoples lives and don't have the slightest bit of intuition - or won't follow their intuition if they suspect something is amiss or wrong . They assume anybody who is religious is good. People all over the planet take the " I don't want to get involved " stance - then we end up reading of murdered and raped children - then stories come out how they fell through the cracks in the system where child protection officials let the victims down or didn't follow through when obvious warning signs were in view.

    Just like what happens in JW congregations when elders and others don't forewarn families about child molesters being in their midst. When things like this happen- there is a huge load of responibility on people who could have done something but buried their heads in the sand like cowardly ostriches. End of my rant. Gives me the shivers

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    Good rant Flipper

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    This is just Great, we have a connection with the JW's now we can take the actions of these two sicko's an now hold the hold group accountable.

  • flipper

    MASON - Welcome to the board. You are correct, completely so. If you do research you will find that the lax child abuse policies of the WT society fosters an environment where elders NEVER inform JW parents with children that former child abusers are in their midst inside the congregations at meetings with them. They don't inform parents EVEN IF THEY KNOW a pedophile is in their midst ! Why ? Because the WT society is more concerned with protecting its reputation - doesn't want this information getting out to JW's OR the public that child molesters are inside the organization.

    Sadly- WT society is more concerned about how they appear - than protecting innocent children from molesters. Otherwise they'd be more vocal in informing JW parents in their congregations

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