The Season Approaches ...

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  • PSacramento

    Snowbird, I have had a terrier ( mutt), a siberian Husky, a pug and as of late a Yorkshire terrier, but no water dog yet.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    And look at this Sylvia--it'd be perfect for a home computer for internet surfing, and it's cheap to boot!

  • snowbird

    PSac, thanks for answering.

    John Doe, I'm as broke as a he-han't in Hell.


  • beksbks

    Mmmmm Cornbread!!! Either hot with butter and honey. Or with Jalapenos baked in.

  • crapola

    Hey thanks for the recipe for the pie!

  • cantleave

    This thread is soooo American!

  • WTWizard

    If your pie comes out slimy, chances are good that it has too much moisture where the slime is--you might try adding a bit of flour to the mix, or reducing the water. You might also have better results with baking it at higher temperatures for shorter periods if the slime is on the outside (that will tend to make the outside cook more, drying it out, while preventing the interior from getting too hot). Doing this may be necessary due to altitudes--if you are cooking at high altitudes, it will tend to dry out more, but at very low altitudes (below sea level), it will tend to not dry out as much because water boils at higher temperatures below sea level. If the barometric pressure is unusually high when you are cooking the pie, it will have the same effect, as the water will not boil as effectively.

    If the interior is soggy, but the exterior is starting to burn, lowering the temperature while lengthening the cooking time is necessary. This works well in low pressure where the water dries faster at a lower temperature. You will need to experiment, especially if you are at a very low or high altitude or cooking during stormy or unusually stagnant weather (which means extremes in barometric pressure).

    As for blandness, that is caused by insufficient spices. If you are following the recipe and still getting bland pies, try increasing the dosing of the seasonings. And yes, you can try pumpkin pie spice and nutmeg (and other spices). As with texture, you can and should experiment until you get a pie that is not grossly slimy and bland.

    Or, if you cannot get sweet potato pie to turn out to your liking, you can just go back to pumpkin or squash pie.

  • snowbird
    Or, if you cannot get sweet potato pie to turn out to your liking, you can just go back to pumpkin or squash pie.

    I guess he told you!

    Tee hee hee.

    Thanks for the science lesson, WTW.


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    What's wrong with cherry, apple, or lemon pie?

  • screwproof

    I love Cornbread so I love to try different things. I tried Paula Deens version of a layered mexican cornbread and it is very good.

    I also love cracklin cornbread, my grandmother made her own cracklins and it was to die for.

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