Crazy JW wields machete at New Orleans airport - shot - died because he refused blood on religious grounds

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  • Vidiot

    The longer the WTS continues, the more mentally unhinged the membership is gonna get... for more and more reasons.

  • SAHS

    “7Starz”: “Was he doing airport witnessing?”


  • SAHS
    Those people at the airport who potentially could have been severe casualties or even fatalities really owe their life and limbs, literally, to the police officer, Lt. Heather Slyve, for her lifesaving services that day. That just reminded me: officer Slyve wouldn’t even be allowed to be a JW unless she quit her job because it involves carrying a gun. And if, say, she had already been a JW, she could be disfellowshipped if she decided to become a police officer after she was baptized. Kind of makes you think – this officer’s commendable and heroic actions would have just been looked down on by JWs because they were performed while working at a job which is considered a disfellowshipping offense because it requires bearing arms, but, on the other hand, the WTS demands all its members to let their children die because of their blood policy, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of children, and somehow that is supposed to be okay according to the JWs. When you think of it, that’s most bizarre.
  • wifibandit

    Local needs: Eph 6:17 "sword of the spirit", The Bible or Machete?

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