Crazy JW wields machete at New Orleans airport - shot - died because he refused blood on religious grounds

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    JW apologist: Anyone who knows a JW also knows that they are one of the most peaceful, neutral people you will ever meet - JWs may be mostly peaceful, but they're anything but neutral. They are eagerly hoping for God to destroy everyone who doesn't share their weird beliefs, including children.

    I wonder if extremist JW beliefs played a part in this lunatic waving a machete about at an airport?


    Will his funeral be held at the KH ?.....ShirleyW

    Like all Good JW`s..
    He may have Died from Refusing a Blood Transfusion.....After he was Shot for Trying to Kill People with a Machete..
    He might get a Pass and a JW Funeral..
    The WBT$..
    May even let him Count his Field Service Time,for Preaching to the Hospital Staff about Blood Transfusions..


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    that poor fellow was crazy no matter what his religious philosophy.

    just saying


    that poor fellow was crazy no matter what his religious philosophy.

    just saying....TTWSYF

    I don`t think anyone would dispute that..He deserves some measure of compassion..

    Being in the WBT$ JWs would be a detriment to someone like that..

    Treating mental health issues in the WBT$ JW`s..

    Consists of being advised to Spend more Time "Preaching in the Field Service"..


    .Your feeling the Need to Attack People in an Airport with a Machete?!!..



  • SonoftheTrinity
    I should convince my kids to become psychiatrists, so that maybe all the crazies have someone to turn to besides an empty suit elder.
  • LevelThePlayingField
    But JW's are the HAPPIEST PEOPLE . . . What do you have to say now?
  • SonoftheTrinity
    Honestly this is symptomatic of Jehovah's Witnesses discouraging psychiatric care.
  • InquiryMan
    Or perhaps there are more nutcases around in America and at times some of them happen to be JWs?
  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    The guy was mentally ill. He had Schizophrenia and had a break with reality. It's not really a subject to joke about. This is no different than the African-American who the police shot last week whose parents called the police on, and when they arrived at the house the guy had a screwdriver in his hand and they shot him, because he walked out the parent's front door when they told him to stop. Both of these episodes are extremely sad and the police need to be better trained on how to stop people who are having schizophrenic breaks with reality. Several members in my family have schizophrenia and they literally have no idea what's happening to them when it overcomes them, they hear voices telling them to do crazy things, and they cease being themselves.

    You should feel bad for this man. I don't think it's appropriate to make light of his situation when it cost him his life. Mental illness is a societal issue that spans all races, creeds, and religions. Have a heart will ya?

  • WTWizard
    Since when is it worse to take a damn blood transfusion than it is to attack people in an airport?

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