Did I overreact?

by megs 39 Replies latest jw friends

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Moochers are master manipulators and will do and say things to get you to feel sorry for them. I bought into it lock, stock, and barrel with my X.

  • Robdar

    He seemed a bit hurt actually

    Of course he's hurt. You are not letting have his cake and eat it too. I hope you don't fall for the play to your emotions.

  • megs

    Thanks for the reality break ladies!!! I am horrible for falling victim to my emotions, and I get hurt in the long run! You are both 100% correct, just have to keep reminding myself... You'd think I would learn after 8 years of being mooched off of...

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Congratulations, Megs for taking the good advice you've gotten. You deserve a man that will treat you well!

  • nelly136

    *****yesterday morning I asked him if he had found a place to live yet**** whoa!

    you seriously dont need one of these. thats not relationship material thats just someone lookin for a doss n drop with perks.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Hey megs--move to Arkansas and I'll treat you well. Now shut up and make me a sandwich!

  • nelly136

    yak pre morning coffee post, didnt realise there was a second page soz.

    well done you had a lucky escape.

  • caliber

    Megs.... You sound like a very caring and sensible person ... I believe you will do just fine in the long scheme

    of things... you have your head on straight, you've just been out of the loop a little too long..it will all come back

    to you !! Wishing you all the best .

    Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” your inituition is working just fine !


  • Spike Tassel
    Spike Tassel
    he does not like to take "no" for an answer.

    THAT'S no recipe for success. That's just a DICTATOR, with NO respect, even if he DOES trust you with his laptop.

  • Son of Man
    Son of Man

    So I've been seeing a man, and he has been staying at my house the past few days. Last night he said he needed to go and quote on drywall in a town outside of the city (he's a contracter). He left at 7pm and said he'd be a little while. He told me before that he never goes anywhere without his laptop and he left the laptop at my house. So by 11 I am a little worried, I leave a message on his cellphone and try to sleep. By 7am, he is still not there, and I'm worried... I call his cell it goes straight to voicemail. I met him on plenty of fish so I went on there are sent a message to a woman friend of his who had given him an endorsement saying I was worried. I am thinking about calling the police etc. So at 10:45 he comes on messenger and says "sorry, I had to do an errand"?! WTF?! And when I tell him to get in contact with his friend he says I overreacted.

    Did I overreact?

    You did not overreact. What he did was unreasonable. It does not take that long to quote on a drywall project. What, did he have to spend the night at their place to see if the house changed its shape overnight in case he misquote the project? It is apparent that this man is not being honest with you. Make the right decision and find a man that is more honest and trustworthy.......

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